The beautiful Princess Nikki give the slave a trip to heaven in: “Under my perfect ass” released today on:

In the words of Princess Nikki:

Any slave should feel lucky being allowed to be under my perfect ass! I know all slaves are suckers for this, so you should consider it a lethal weapon! So having my slave here, I know he can't resist my ass either. So I start having him smell my ass. I know he is very familiar with my scent! So I have him lay down and start facesitting him full weight. Really pushing his nose in my ass, even with my lingerie on. But this is not enough for my, so I take my underwear of, and have him in touch with the real thing! I make him put his tongue deep inside my ass, while his nose is prevented from breathing in my pussy! I want his tongue deep, deep inside my ass. He should really feel the taste of me! He should only be so privileged today, being allowed to worship my perfect ass!

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