The beautiful Princess Nikki have a visit from Princess Minnie and Giant Princess in: “Dirty Party 21” released today on:
Princess Nikki and her Princess friends wants to have their shoe licked by a slaves tongue. No hesitation, the slave must do as he is ordered to.. After cleaning the soles of the Princesses shoes, the slave is told to lie down on his back. It is time to trample the slave, and Princess Nikki starts barefoot trampling, while Princess Mini and Giant Princess follows with shoes and high heeled trampling. Especially trying to destroy the nipples of the slave with the heels . Princess Mini starts pouring wax on the slaves nipples afterwards.. Then Princess Nikki find the time suitable for a saliva treatment. All Princess takes turn in filling the slave with their precious saliva over and over .
.. Pain and pleasure

A new tribute song to Princess Nikki are just released on most streaming and DL music services:
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