I've never had blue balls. I've felt full like I needed release, but not pain.

I'm wondering about intentionally getting blue balls to allow for some light ball busting with more powerful sensations. I wonder if I got edged without release and slept on it, would that cause blue balls? Have any of you who'd never gotten blue balls been able to intentionally work yourself up to get them so you could be more sensitive for ballbusting?

I remember when I was in my 20's, when I asked my wife for a ball spanking, I'd have to grab her wrist after a couple of slaps. The pain reverberated everywhere. I'd have to say 'not so hard.' In my 50's, I may have to say 'harder' or put a penis ring around them to isolate them so she can get them good. I remember I fantasized a bit about having my wife grab each nut between thumb and forefinger and squeeze, but that would hurt to much so I don't think I dared suggest it. But as an older guy I had her do it, then suggested she squeeze against the first knuckle of her index finger so she could squeeze much harder, without getting tired.

For ball busting, I have usually laid down and she gives them a good spanking intermixed with squeezes alternating that with a handjob, with some post orgasm stimulation thrown in at my request. This kind of ball pain feels like pleasure to me. It is different from an orgasm, but can feel good, almost like an orgasm, and go on for several minutes as she keeps spanking. Sometimes she gets me good and its a bit too hard, but that still feels good, too.

So I think I'm a ____lot___ less sensitive. Has anyone who had lost sensitivity intentionally gotten blue balls? Could you go from fairly insensitive balls to being crippled over with fun ball pain with a light pat? If you've done it, can it be a sexy kind of pain, or is it just an un-fun kind of ball pain, like cutting your scrotum with a pair of fiery scissors or something like that?

I'm also wondering if this could maximize (good) ballpain without doing a lot of damage. Part of the fun is if she can do some slaps that are just too hard and I have to work up the nerve to open my legs again. That was more possible in the past than it is now, though we only played like that on occasion back in the day. Usually I let on like it didn't hurt so as not to scare her off.