I strongly suggest that every Ballbusting fans should watch this video. so cruel and beautiful video ...


Description :
Screams of pain are the best music for Sadistic Girls like Beverly and Ciara. And this has to be a deafeningly loud ballbusting party!
Again this slave showed up and really asked for a session with two Sadistic Girls. We asked him serval times if he is sure, because many of the girls can`t wait to destroy balls.
Beverly and Ciara were the first who signed up for this session and this two mad girls are gonna be an inferno for his balls.
Immediately full troke power kicks impact on his balls. Groaning of pain and the cruel girls enjoy to destroy his balls with this power kick.
During the kicking they also use the hammer to punish balls, they play cards and in every round the girls hammer brutal his balls.
Than again brutal ballbusting from the dornt. Even when he collapses, they don`t stop. He crawls on his knees and arms, reeling from pain and the girls still kick his balls from behind full power!