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Thread: Cowgirls Performing **********

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    i just find that cruel.

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    Old Story I found

    Prairie Oysters

    By: ANONYMOUS (mail will go to the Eunuch Archive) (
    [TESTICLES] Other:
    A Horny cowpoke becomes a steer at the hands of some rough western
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    By;Tex as told to Empress Tiptoe

    One time as I was travelling through New Mexico, I visited an old
    cowboy who
    used to be a friend of my great-grandfather. He must have been
    almost a hundred
    years old, and he had a nurse looking after him. One day, when the
    nurse had
    gone out shopping and I was trying to make conversation, I asked
    him about the
    trophies and ribbons that covered one wall of the living room. He
    told me he
    was an old rodeo champion, and they were the prizes he had won in
    his younger
    days. "I could sit a horse tighter than any man in the west," he
    chuckled. "Nothin
    in the way, ya see..." I didn't think he could possibly mean what
    I was thinking,
    so I asked, and this is the story he told me.
    When I wuz young, about twenny, I wuz a good-fer-nuthin' drifter,
    not much use
    at anythin'. I'd raise hell in one town till it got too hot to
    hold me, then I'd jes
    move on. I travelled all over the country, jes doin' enough cow-
    punchin' to get
    me by.
    One day my pockets were empty as a well in the Badlands, and I
    started in
    lookin' fer a way to make enough cash to get drunk on. Rip, one of
    my card-
    playin' buddies--one I hadn't cheated yet--tole me that ol' Jake
    Slade had broke
    his leg and had some new bull calves what he wanted to make steers
    of. "He's
    tight with a nickel," Rip warned me. "You see you get paid up
    front, or you
    might not get paid at all."
    So I got up on my borrowed horse and took a trip out to Slade's
    ranch. I
    stopped out front of the house an' hollered till ol' Slade hobbled
    out on his busted
    pin. "Hear tell ya got work needs doin' " I said. Slade shook his
    head. "Too
    late, I sent the kids out." he told me. I was surprised. "Din'
    know ya had boys,"
    I said. "Daughter," Slade told me. "Cousins. They've just left
    for the river
    I wuz feelin' a mite lonesome and decided I'd have a look at
    Slade's daughter. If
    her cousins weren't too tough-lookin'.....heck, even if they were,
    maybe I could
    get 'em to join me. Wimmin were scarce in town, an expensive
    So I waited till ol' Slade went back into the house. I went down
    the river gulch
    trail, an' I rode hell fer leather to catch up.
    Fore long I could see the horses ahead of me and hallooed. They
    stopped and I
    trotted up to 'em. "Your ol' man sent me out to give a hand," I
    lied. "This here's
    man's work!"
    Sandy Lou Slade wuz a sight to behold. Sweet sixteen, slim as a
    whip. with long
    wheat-colored hair and innocent, forget-me-not eyes. And knockers
    the size o'
    grapefruit under her tight cotton shirt. I swore I'd get inside her
    by nightfall.
    I wuz surprised to see that her cousins were girls too. Tough, no-
    rancher types. This would be easy.
    I kicked my horse forward, and soon I wuz leadin them down the
    rough trail. I
    kept lookin' tell them the names of the wildflowers we
    were passin' or
    to point out a jackrabbit or eagle that they prob'ly saw already.
    Any excuse to
    look back at Sandy Lou. Her cantaloupes were jigglin' like sacks
    of jelly as her
    little quarter horse trotted along. I wuz so stiff it hurt, and I
    shore wished she
    was ridin' behind me, with her arms around me and her hands on my
    We came down to the river after a coupla hours easy riding. The
    bulls were in a
    corral, separate from the rest of the herd, who were wanderin'
    around. They
    were snortin' and stampin'. This dint look like an easy job.
    "Thought these wuz
    calves what needed gelding," I called out. "They look pretty big
    to me!" The two
    cousins jes laughed an' asked if the job wuz too much fer me, so I
    coiled my
    lariat and sent it out to rope one a them big suckers.
    'Cept I missed. Spent too much time in the saloon lately, I
    guess. Before I could
    gather my lariat up again, one a them cousins had roped a calf and
    pulled it out
    through the gate.
    I was pretty burned that them little gals had shown me up. They
    were laughing
    and kidding me as they snubbed the calf's head to the cottonwood
    tree on the
    riverbank. Angry, I picked up the geldin' knife and grabbed the
    calf's scrotum
    above his melon-sized nuts.
    Somethin' like a bolt of lightening went through me an' when I
    could make sense
    a the world agin, I noticed I was rollin' on the ground huggin' my
    own nuts for
    dear life, and they hurt like hellfire. That damn calf had kicked
    when I touched
    his valuables, and managed to hit the one spot my leather chaps
    dint cover. I
    could see the two cousins, leaning on the calfs back, watchin' me
    with leerin'
    grins across their faces, like they had seen this before. Sandy
    Lou, bless her
    heart, was kneelin' beside me, cryin. "Are you alright?" she kept
    askin. I tried to
    tell her, hell yes, this was nothin'--but my mouth jes flapped and
    made funny
    noises so I quit tryin to talk. My hands were clutchin' my achin'
    and I felt her reach down and put her hand on mine. Somehow I got
    all worked
    up agin, even though I wuz hurtin too bad to think.
    After a spell I wuz able to get up an' get back to work. Sandy Lou
    helped me to
    my feet. I felt her two pillowy boobs squish against me for a
    second, and
    pretended I wuz havin trouble standin, so she'd hold me longer.
    The two cousins
    made fun of the way I wuz walkin' an laughed fit to kill. It made
    me damn mad, I
    tell you. I walked over to the calf and got my revenge, kickin his
    oversized bag a
    few times with my riding boots while he bellowed and his legs
    shook. It made
    me feel better, but I noticed that the cousins had stopped
    laughing, and Sandy
    Lou was lookin at me with eyes colder than a witch's titty. "How
    can you do that
    to that poor animal?!" she scolded me.
    "What do you care, you're about to cut 'em off anyway," I
    muttered. Women!
    Always so soft on dumb critters!
    One a the cousins wrapped a rope around each of the calf's legs. I
    held one rope,
    and she held the other. The second cousin got behind the calf an'
    pulled one a
    them doctor's needles. They jabbed it into the critter's scrotum
    and waited.
    "Waste a time!" I scoffed. "I done this thousands of times an
    never used no sissy
    anesthetic!" I saw that Sandy Lou wuz lookin mean at me agin an I
    decided I
    should shut my face.
    "What does gelding do to them?" Sandy Lou asked. "Stops 'em from
    horny," grinned the cousin, givin me a meanin sorta look. She
    took the knife an
    made a quick cut in the critter's bag. The calf never felt a
    thing, never even
    struggled when she shoved its balls out the hole. Like an ol' pro,
    she cut the
    cords, tied 'em off, and sewed a coupla stitches on the empty
    sack. Sandy Lou
    watched. "See, it's easy," her cousin told her. The cousin stood
    up. She took a
    hard kick at one of the calf's fallen testicles, and it sailed off
    into the brush.
    "Hey! Don't do that!" I yelped. "Whatsamatter, make ya nervous?"
    she grinned
    and swung her foot at my jeans. It barely touched me, but I
    couldn't help
    doublin' over jes to keep my hushpuppies safe. They hurt enough
    Sandy Lou came to put her arms around me again an' offer sympathy.
    I faked
    more pain, and she hugged me tighter, scoldin her cousin. The way
    she looked at
    me when we went back ta work, I knew it wuz jes a matter of time
    before I
    would be bangin' her sweet young body. I got a bucket, and told
    the cousin to
    put 'em in there.
    The cousin did a coupla more calves, then handed the knife to Sandy
    Sandy Lou held the calf's balls in her hand, weighin' and feelin'
    them. Her eyes
    kinda gleamed, and I hoped she wuz gittin as sparky as I was.
    Somehow it wuz
    even sexy when she started cuttin'.
    I worked harder that mornin than I had in years. The difference
    wuz the prize I
    expected at the end of the day--Sandy Lou's cunt, not jes a
    pocketful of chump
    change.. Sandy Lou's hands got surer and steadier with practice,
    and the pile of
    bull's knackers in the pail kept growin'.
    We quit fer lunch. One of the cousins started up a fire. I picked
    up the bucket of
    testicles. "Whatcha do, collect those? Hain't got none a yer
    own?" hooted one
    cousin. How I hated them gals! For the sake of Sandy Lou, I jes
    smiled an' said,
    "What, ranch gals what never et prairie oysters? You get the fire
    goin an' I'll
    cook up a mess!" "Eew, disgusting!" the three gals all griped.
    But they looked
    fascinated. The two cousins started collectin firewood. Sandy Lou
    sat beside me
    and rubbed a big bruise on my arm which one of them calfs had guv
    me. She
    kissed the bruise and rubbed it some more. "Does that feel
    better?" she asked,
    lookin up at me with them sweet innocent eyes.
    I wuz horny enough to burst on the spot, an' I thought of a way to
    get her
    innerested. "Sure does feel good, ma'am." I tol' her sadly. "I
    got other bruises
    though. An 'these clumsy, rough hands a mine would only make
    matters worse.
    Not like your soft, gentle...." I tried not to show how thrilled I
    wuz when she
    took the hint an' unbuttoned my trousers. "I know yer a ranch girl
    an ya seen
    plenty a horses an bulls...a man's not much different. No reason
    to be shy..." As
    I coaxed, she pulled my cock out, strokin it like it wuz a pet
    bird. She put her
    hand back in my fly and took hold of my rocks, real gentle-like.
    They were still
    sore, an it felt so good to have 'em sittin' in her hand. She felt
    up my balls,
    rubbin' em an rollin 'em in her palm. "Just like a bulls," she
    thoughtfully. "Only smaller." I decided to pay no attention to
    that last part. By
    now my manhood was standin' out at full glory. I started strokin'
    Sandy Lou's
    arms an shoulders an leaned forward to kiss 'er. Then we heard the
    comin' back with the firewood. Sandy Lou jumped up and pretended
    she wuz
    sittin further away from me. I had to shove my tallywhacker down
    the leg of my
    pants an button up quick-like, cursin those damn cousins a hers.
    I got the fire started and tossed the prairie oysters into the
    cast-iron pan. The
    gals stared as they sizzled over the fire. One a them cousins
    asked for the recipe,
    sorta jokey. There wuz somethin kinda disturbin about the way
    they watched.
    When the cooking was done, they dug in with gusto, sayin' that they
    had never
    tasted nothin' better. I watched them--even sweet Sandy Lou--sinkin
    their teeth
    into the hot beef testicles with the juices runnin' down their
    chins. I don't know
    fer sure what I was feelin' but my cock was stiff, my knees were
    shakin an I had
    cold sweat drippin down the back of my collar. I dint eat none.
    Sorta lost my
    appetite. Anyways, there wuz somethin' else I wuz hungry for, an I
    Sandy Lou through the corner of my eye through the whole meal.
    It was almost a relief gettin back to work. Sandy Lou gelded bull
    after bull as I
    stood by helpin and sweet-talkin her. As the hours passed and one
    bull after
    another lost his bullhood under the hot sun, the cousins decided
    they wanted to
    take a break before suppertime an do some swimmin. They tol' me to
    go over
    t'other side of the ridge, an I did. I sat there, pickin' my teeth
    with my bowie
    knife an thought of them three gals--especially Sandy Lou--bare
    naked in the
    river. I could hear them laughin and splashin.
    My prick got achin hard in my tight jeans, so I unbuttoned my fly
    and took it
    out. I was just feelin the bruises on my nuts when Sandy Lou,
    naked came from around behind a tree. Drops of clear river water
    sparkled all
    over her like diamonds, dripping from 'er pink nipples an from the
    hair on 'er
    pussy. "I just came to see if you're okay," she tol' me with that
    innocent smile, an
    I knew I couldn't wait a second longer.
    I moved toward her, and in sudden fear she stepped back. Rushin
    her, I grabbed
    her around the waist, an we fell down, me on top. My prick slid
    into her, her
    huge tits pressed against me like soft rubber balls. She struggled
    as I kept
    ramming my throbbing cock deeper, and suddenly managed to twist out
    under me, disappearing in a second toward the river. I swore and
    hit the ground
    with my fist. I had ruined the whole day's seduction, and hadn't
    even been in her
    long enough to get my rocks off.
    Disgusted with myself, I buttoned up and headed to my horse,
    mountin up to
    leave. Then I said, the hell I will. What did I have to be afraid
    of, three little bitty
    gals? I went to the river.
    Sandy Lou was gettin dressed on the bank with her cousins. "Time
    to get back
    to work," she said. They all headed back to the corral, like
    nothin had happened,
    an I figgered she dint say nothin to the cousins.
    We went on working, Sandy Lou geldin' steers with her knife
    flashin. She dint
    seem specially mad at me, so I figgered maybe she wuz just startled
    before an she
    still wanted me. I sweet-talked her all afternoon, and soon she
    was givin me nice
    looks again like everthing wuz okay. God thet woman was sexy
    seperatin them
    bullocks from their ballocks!
    We were down to the last bull. One of the cousins went off to
    start the cookfire
    for supper, when Sandy Lou put her knife down. "You said you used
    to do this
    without anesthetic," she reminded me. "I don't see how you could.
    The calf
    would kick." "Not if his legs were hobbled real good," I told
    'er. She asked me
    to show her, I wuz glad she'd got over bein sentimental about
    critters an stepped
    up to show 'er my style.
    As usual, we tied the bull to the tree. A cousin held the rope
    attached to one
    back leg, Sandy Lou held the other. "Now hold 'im tight!" Instead
    of the needle,
    I grabbed the bulls balls in my hand, the knife in the other.
    I landed five feet back, both hands between my chaps again. My
    mouth was full
    a dirt where my teeth had bit into the prairie soil when I landed.
    I heard Sandy
    Lou saying over and over, "Oh, I'm sorry! The rope slipped! I'm
    so sorry!"
    Through my pain-blurred eyes, I could see the cousins grinning at
    my agony,
    and Sandy Lou staring in horror, her hands coverin her sweet mouth,
    shoulders shakin with what I thought were sobs. Ida never thunk I
    could get
    hard agin, but my damned pecker dint know when to quit, and I
    rolled on the
    ground in pain with the tallest fencepost I had ever worn. Sandy
    Lou stooped
    down over me an put her hand on mine like before. I knew I wanted
    to feel thet
    cool soothin hand on my burnin nuts agin
    . She seemed to know what I wanted, an pulled my hands away,
    undoin the
    buttons on my fly. My rod popped out an she reached under and took
    hold a my
    bruised chestnuts. Damn but her hand felt good! She stroked them
    with her
    thumb, rollin them in her palm once more. "Does that hurt?" she
    asked sweetly.
    "No ma'am," I lied. Every touch was agony, but I dint want her to
    let go.
    "Well, how 'bout THAT?" she asked an her hand tightened till I
    screamed and
    grabbed at her wrist. It felt like coyotes was lunchin on my
    tender parts, an I
    couldn't believe what was happenin. I stared at her an saw she had
    a smirk on
    that pretty mouth an the devil was looking outa them innocent baby
    blues a hers.
    "You like that, cowboy?" she asked.
    Barely able to speak, I gasped out, "I like everthin you do to me,
    ma'am!" Guess
    thet wuz the right answer, cuz she turned loose a me, an I curled
    up on the
    ground wishin I could die. I felt them gals yank off my boots and
    trousers, an I
    heard the splashes when they threw 'em in the river. They did thet
    last calf an
    turned him loose. I could still hear them gals laughin, and more
    splashes as they
    waded out into the water. I staggered up to try to leave soon as I
    could stand on
    my feet.
    I couldn't run fast in the pain I wuz feelin...truth to tell, the
    very thought of settin a
    horse agin made me hurt twice as bad. Din't make no difference
    nohow...I felt a
    somethin like a whip cut across my body, an a braided leather
    lariat snapped tight
    around my chest, pinnin my arms to my sides an yankin me flat on my
    Them girls came runnin up. They'd bin swimmin agin, an they wuz
    all three buck
    naked, their bare tits floppin as they ran after me.
    "Mister's gettin frisky agin," said one a them cousins. "Time to
    do somethin 'bout
    that!" Them gals dragged me by the lariat back to the river bank.
    They wrapped
    the rest of the lariat tight around me then, to keep my arms
    pinned. One a them
    cousins took a rope an wrapped it around my neck, an around the
    tree, so I was snubbed tight like a bull calf, 'cept I was layin on
    my back, with
    them three naked gals jigglin their tits over me. They tied ropes
    to my ankles,
    Sandy Lou holdin one an one a them cousins on the other, an they
    pulled my legs
    apart as fur as they would go.
    "Hold them ropes tight!" the other cousin called, imitatin my deep
    voice. She
    grabbed my stiff pecker in both hands and fer a second I thought I
    might be goin
    to enjoy what happened next. But then she kneeled down slow-like
    on my balls
    an stayed there, rubbing my pecker like fury to keep it hard. Lord
    I had never
    felt nothin like it! It wuz like I had Apache arrows stickin up my
    crotch into my
    gut. When she got up, the pressure comin' off was almost worse.
    My pecker
    finally got some sense into its fool head an went down quiet. She
    places with the other cousin while I bawled like a calf an tried to
    pull my arms an
    legs free.
    The second cousin put her toes on my nuts an started wigglin 'em.
    wouldn't have hurt much, if I wasn't so sore already. As it was, I
    started gaggin
    and heavin. I'da puked my guts out if I'da eaten anythin earlier
    thet day.
    When she'd had her fun, she grabbed the rope around my ankle an
    Sandy Lou
    walked between my open legs.
    Even in my agony, I could see that Sandy Lou was a goddess. She
    stood above
    me lookin down at me...not at my face but at my nuggets, open and
    ready fer
    whatsoever she wanted to do with 'em. She kneeled down an pulled
    out the
    castratin knife.
    I felt the point of the knife scratch across my balls. Then she
    took an ran the icy
    blade of the knife along my cock, to an fro. I stared at her, she
    bein totally
    absorbed by playin with her knife against my jewels, her big tits
    hangin over me,
    swingin slowly like pendulums. My stupid pecker decided to come up
    again and
    stand at attention, an I felt the point of Sandy Lou's castratin'
    knife makin little
    circles on the very tip of it.
    Then she stood over me, tall an proud. I waited to see what she
    would do next,
    an my heart sank into my innards when I saw her put on her ridin
    I dint come right when she kicked me. She jerked her leg back and
    ketchin my balls and kickin them upward so that my hard cock
    slapped against
    my belly. When her leg reached as high as it could go, I could see
    right up into
    her darlin pussy, and my seed finally burst outa me. I was still
    sprayin when her
    heel came down.
    I musta passed out. I woke up an the stars were over me. I could
    hear a fire
    cracklin nearby, but when I tried to get up, fiery pain shot
    through my body from
    my crotch, an I screamed. Them gals came a runnin, sayin, "He's
    up agin!" I
    wuz hurtin too bad to care anymore. I just lay groanin, not even
    tryin to cover my
    nuts. Sandy Lou said, "Want me to make it better?" She pulled
    the anesthetic
    needle an jabbed it into my nuts. They were so bad already I
    hardly never felt
    the needle. It seemed like hours, but the fire in my crotch
    started coolin an soon
    my balls were hangin against me like dead weight, feelin nothin.
    It was a
    glorious relief.
    Once more Sandy Lou Slade took my balls in her hand. This time I
    couldn't feel
    it, but jes watchin her feel me up was enough to make my six-
    shooter start to load
    up agin, an Sandy kissed the tip of my cock till it was hard as
    steel. My pecker
    was only half numb, an I could her warm lips an tongue playin on
    the head.
    "Do your nuts hurt?" she asked me. I shook my head. She gave 'em
    a squeeze
    agin. "Now?" I couldn't feel nothin.
    Sandy Lou stepped back. Her feet were bare now, an I watched as
    she curled
    her toes like a fist an smacked them into my bag o hickories.
    Somehow seein 'em
    crunched without feelin it was scarier than if it actually hurt.
    The cousins joined in, and they danced in front of me, beautiful
    witches, their tits
    shakin with laughter, takin turns kickin at me. It was like a
    dance. Their feet kept
    thuddin into my numb jewels, eack kick shakin an rattlin up my big
    ol' stiff
    pecker until I felt a pleasure shoot through my whole body like I
    never felt before
    nor since. I went light headed an dizzy, an every kick after that
    wuz like another
    orgasm, rackin my whole body with delight.
    After a time they got tired of their game. They sat an watched me,
    waitin. I
    wondered what they were waitin for when a sharp jab of pain ran
    through my
    Thet anesthetic wuz startin to wear off.
    After the first shot of pain, I rapidly began to feel more an
    more. My eyes bulged
    out, an sweat was runnin down my cheeks. I knew worse would be
    "Poor thing," said Sandy Lou. "We can stop the pain, you know." I
    looked at
    her, hopin for another jab with the needle. But it was the knife
    thet was in her
    "They won't hurt you if we take 'em off, cowboy," she smiled
    "Want me to cut you like a steer?" It took me a minute to realize
    what she wuz
    sayin, an in that time pain shot through me like bullets. I knew I
    wasn't man
    enough to handle what I'd feel when the rest of the anesthetic wore
    Shuddering with a burst of pain and even a smidgen of excitement, I
    tol' thet fine
    sassy big-titted cowgirl, "Please, ma'am....make a steer outen me."
    ôOnly if thats
    what ya really want.ö Sandy Lou said sweetly. ôMy guts wuz a
    twistin an
    retching, as the pain burned upthrough me ta my brain! ôOha gawd
    please!ö ôPlease?ö She asked. ôPlease...make a steer outta ME!ö I
    through clenched teeth. Sandy Lou bent forward with the knife, an
    I closed my
    eyes. I dint need to see how she'd do me. I'd been watchin her do
    this job all
    Almost all the pain went away direckly. I lay where I was, weak as
    a baby from
    my rough day, an them gals walked back to the fire. I heard them
    drop somethin
    into the frying pan, an a sizzlin' noise. Hardly able to believe
    what I wuz thinkin,
    I got to my wobbly feet and staggered to the fire, where I settled
    on the ground
    propped up by a log.
    Them gals was lookin at somethin in the pan an proddin at it with
    the castratin
    knife. There wuz two little morsels in thet pan, an they speared
    one an cut it in
    three between them. They seemed sorta reluctant, but seein me
    watchin, they each
    popped a hunk of meat in their mouths, lookin at me with triumph in
    their eyes.
    "They taste better after bein' tenderized," a cousin joked. I done
    heard tell how a
    man who's lost his arm can still feel it sometimes. Be that as it
    may, I felt shocks
    of pain run up my gut as I watched Sandy Lou chompin and chawin. I
    had got
    inside her at last.
    Swallerin, Sandy Lou got to her feet, and stabbed the remaining
    morsel. Walkin
    around the fire to my side, she lay her hand on my empty sack an
    held the bite a
    meat, skewered my the castratin knife, in front of my face.
    "Hungry, cowboy?"
    she asked, her eyes mockin me.
    I don't know why I did what I did. Maybe it wuz curiousity. Maybe
    it wuz jes
    that I hadn't eaten all day. Maybe I was somehow tryin to keep
    part of my
    manhood to myself. I opened my mouth, and savored the familiar
    flavor of
    prairie oysters on my tongue.
    Tasted just like a bull's. Only smaller.

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    another story i found

    [FONT='Courier New',times,serif,arial]Sara Nuts Her Cowboy [/FONT]
    By: Texmec

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    Young girl on ranch taught to ******** male animals by her father grows in her obsession to nut human males in her barn as something good for them and succeeds with a cowboy.

    SARA NUTS HER COWBOY by Texmec The following is fantasy. Fantasy comes out of the reality of longings, so while it doesn't have to be attempted or brought into the real world, as actual human longings it stands as the reality of that, and almost by definition says, if the real world isn't like this, it should be like this.
    When you grow up on a farm and ranch you get real close to the land and animals. Domesticated land and animals, that is.
    Sara, just turned nine, of wheat-colored hair, whose father called her “Sairy,” not out of accent but out of casual affection, adored his little girl, and she him back, but that is an old story, as is the fact that he had hoped, like most men do, for the first birth of a son, and loved her the more because he had actually gotten a daughter.
    Now, he and Miz McCluster wouldn't be having any more children for reasons no one needed to know, and like so many men of his type, Jeb McCluster didn't need to show or hide adoration, it's just always there in an easy going way like the sun coming up and down amidst work to be done.
    Even today, with all the modern equipment and hired ranch hands, farming and ranching is manure and eggs and hay and roping and barns and kerosene and cutting the calves and horses and bulls. When you're a little girl on a farm, “tomboy” doesn't make sense, but you do end up doing, or having to learn how to do, lots of things city girls wouldn't need to know about. Particularly Sara would, since one day the ranch would be hers.
    Today Mr. McCluster was leading Sara out to one of the fields so she could learn how to ********. “Cutting” as they call it. He wouldn't have her do it, not at this age, but she was now old enough to see it done, so the first lesson would be as observer. She, like so many children, had vaguely heard the word as some vague mystery, and let it go at that. Now, though she felt proud was getting excited to think she would see this thing, whatever it was. But many things seemed to be exciting her lately in little spurts of strange ways. The hormone rush hadn't started yet, another ten months, but those little precursor chemical were already coming alive, sending out little exploratory streams, growing up with her, making her grow up.
    Daddy was explaining now as they walked.
    “You see, Sairy, we can't let these male animals, like these calves, grow up to become bulls, if we did, they 'd run around turning all the cows into mother cows, and they'd become mean and aggressive.”
    Yes, Sara had those big mean bulls, had seen animals copulating, understood facts of life, but some connection was escaping her, what was this cutting thing?
    Now they were in the coral. Two ranch hands had a young male calf down on its side, its one hind leg held back high in air. It looked alarmed and complacent at the same time.
    Mr. McCluster reached into his pocket and withdrew a small ********** knife and doused it with alcohol. He reached down and gathered the animals scrotum.
    “Sairy, so watch me. What you do is, you grab hold of the pouch, make sure you get both testicles worked down into it real good, don't want one of 'em to shoot back up inside, we have to cut both of 'em off, so...”
    Sara, intrigued beyond all belief, was just about to ask her daddy if this wouldn't her the calf when Jeb took the knife and expertly slit open its pouch at the top, pulled out both cords and organs, and sliced off its testicles and threw them into a bucket. The squeal of calf and shock of blood and sight of testicles tossed into a bucket like nothing went through Sara like a knife. She would never forget it. Another squeal as cold alcohol was tossed onto its slit empty pouch, and it was over. The animal struggled up, looking confused, limped along a bit as though sore, but incredibly in a couple of moments seemed to be okay.
    She saw four more calves ********* that day. During one of them, one of the ranch hands laughed to the other, “Man, I'd hate to get nutted like that!”
    Later on, she did ask her daddy about it hurting them, and he said, naw, probably not too much, they get .over it, and besides, it's good for them, makes them better, calms 'em down, they needed it.
    She also asked her daddy if you could do it a bull. Sure he'd said, if you don't need him for breeding, you cut him too, he needs it even more, he'll be like a calmed down cow only just will still look like bull, but he won't be a bull anymore.
    Sara took it all in. he'd learned some very important lessons. You could stop a young male animal from maturing by cutting those dangling things off. You could even even un-bull a bull by cutting its great big nuts off. In fact, the more grown up the bull was and the bigger its nuts, the more they needed to get cut off. It was good for him, he just didn't know it. So you just had to do him a favor and nut him.
    Later that evening the McCluster family enjoyed fried calves testicles. Sairy loved them. You can un-nut males and eat their nuts. She shivered as she ate male power.
    We all have these little feelings and gigglings in childhood, but one day it just seems to happen suddenly.
    One day, aged eleven now, Sara was in the barn looking for something when from behind her a drawling husky voice said, “Well, how do little lady!” and the male voice pierced right through as a shiver in her spine and she actually felt her nipples ping from it, just from the voice. She turned around ,startled,and it was a young cowboy, maybe 18, she gasped when she saw him, pretty, he was, and he just lifted his hat and disappeared.
    He'd just been saying a sincere hello to the boss's little daughter and had no interest, but she, but she...
    Later that evening, up in her room she could not keep her shirt on, it hurt her, his voice was in her tits and they hurt, and she had to rub them to stop it but then, oh my god what was this, her panties had to come off and her finger had to twiddle and go around and in and she saw his face and his Adam's apple and white tee shirt and tight jeans with big basket and the calves she was now nutting and his big basket, and his nuts and her finger, it was good for him, he just didn't know it...big cowboy prairie oysters, oh, oh, oh, and she buckled and spasmed and creamed in explosion curled up in fetal position on her bedspread.
    Well, no matter how sexual we are, no matter how intense our private deeply buried scenarios are, the real world, the real world of school and work and growing will take us away up to the surface where we have to function, and want to function, and Sara was no different, except for the fact that she actually was enjoying her nutting of the male animals. At age 15 now, the wheat hair richer honey brown, Sara went about her business. The boys at school were giving her the eye, and she sometimes them, all in fun, but, well, they usually weren't her type. Now the guys back at the ranch, now those cowboys, well, they were, but they were family, she was family to them, and developed or not, as they could plainly see she was, the dynamic was older brothers to little sister.
    And then Brad got hired.
    Brad had balls, you could practically smell them smoking out of his slit eyes. He was himself, he wasn't trying to be anything else.
    Lanky, lean, 23 but looking older, black flat hair that almost looked greasy but wasn't, in repose his face seemed stern and suffering, frank, like you were gazing into the undernourishments of Kentucky coal miner ancestors, and he was just going to let you see the truth of that because you might as well.
    When he rolled a cigarette, it looked like he been doing it since the crib. When he spit, it was natural, over, no show. When he spoke about something serious, he was serious. When he told or heard a joke clean or dirty, his slit eyes rounded up with such good humor and health and invited you in and out with his chuckles and snorts, he'd actually slap his knee, he'd just shake with laughter, and he'd just let you see the truth of that because you might as well. If he worked under his old red Ford truck and stank, well, he did. If he cleaned up nice in the cool evening with a crisp shirt and smelled like the cloves and lavender cologne he'd splashed on, cool as the blue shirt, well he did. He spoke slowly, moved his lanky frame slowly, and roped cattle so quickly you'd have thought he was a living electric whip. Men liked him, women, liked him, children, liked him, and he liked them right back. For all that, he was a loner.
    Sara got an instant crush. She was bright enough to know that that's what it was ,but that knowledge didn't render her any the less helpless. If she'd been older she would have known how to flirt. While she didn't turn into a tongued tied idiot around him, she didn't know what to say to him either. As a matter of fact, all she wanted to do was listen to him, watch him, she could not stop watching him.
    He paid her no particular mind.
    She started to spy on him, she could not help herself. A tired phrase, animal magnetism, but it sums up his appeal to her, he was the male animal, she was transfixed. Stolen glances in the morning, hoping to find him after school, catching a glimpse of him at night through the bunkhouse window. Finally one morning she got up way early, beating the rooster's crow, and crept down to his bunkhouse. She was so besotted she had to see him first. Already she was hiding behind the oil barrel, glad she'd put on a light jacket.
    Rooster crow, dawn rays, mist, his bunk door opened. Brad emerged wearing jeans, no socks, untucked open shirt showing bear skin beneath, a towel over his shoulder and a big bar of soap. Peeking around her barrel, Sara couldn't believe her luck. The hands had showers down here, but this could only mean one thing. Brad was going to go wash up in the stream this morning.
    Her excitement increased as he made his way down the path and she sneakily followed him down to the stream. She hid herself in some bushes hoping she'd get to see something.
    She did. He unzipped his fly, pulled out a long penis, and pissed. Like a horse, a long, long morning piss, for the human usually so private, she was surprised and almost guilty watching him, it was so natural yet so animal, she hadn't even had time at first to enjoy seeing his dick out like that, her first real good look at a grown man's dick, but he was using it for its other purpose.
    The long arc of its stream was brutal, surprising, powerful, steam rose from the ground where it sprayed.
    Brad, unaware, treated the fifteen year old girl that morning to her first prolonged view of a naked male and set her on her path, the simultaneous vulnerability and unavoidable animals nature of what we are is just so wonderful. When he stripped completely, she could not believe his nuts. They excited and irritated her.
    The rest of him, nice, beautiful in a way, the surprising black hairs starting down from the navel and ******* by design your eyes to follow down with them into the pubes and his male parts as if they needed any further help, yes, the penis, jutting, subtly changing its size, always, just that made you want to keep looking at it, his face, his ass, but his nuts – later on she would learn the term hangers –they hung way, way down, they wobbled, she was fascinated with them, almost angry at them.
    He didn't have a big plump pouch, he had a long hanging sack, first inch out down from the crotch were cords you could see, his nuts and bag didn't come any here near the top of his inner thighs as he stood, like the heavy jumbo egg size nuts were pulling the cords right down out of him, the whole package lean and mean like the rest of him. His manhood wobbled down separate from him, how could you walk with that, it must be easier to walk if you had that cut off you.
    She watched him soap himself, clean himself in that stream. That part was endearing, we all do that, but usually alone, so it was a special kind of spying. At one point though, his back to the girl, he bent over to fish out the dropped soap from the rocks and she got another view of the big arrogant nuts, that's what they seemed arrogant! Yet in this position, weighted down even more, it was obvious they were hanging down like that just so they could get cut off, like they were begging to get cut off, like nuts just had to get cut off.
    They looked like they ached to get cut off, why you could just grab those hangers, take a big knife, and do the job that has to be done.
    Brad finished up, finally, but as he dressed, Sara continued to look at his nuts like a mongoose watches a snake, she wanted them.
    After the spying incident, Sara winked at Brad the next day.
    Now she was truly obsessed with human nuts and cutting them off. In fact, that next Sunday at church, she suddenly started having wild fantasies about all the males there, she was suddenly aware they had testicles, the young ones, the old ones, the hot ones, the unattractive one, the minister, all she could think about was nutting them right there in the church, and after several orgasms deep upside her pussy she had to quickly leave.
    She didn't lose her crush on Brad, but she knew his secret so was less shy. He didn't know hers, though, he couldn't know she'd wanted to nut him so bad. But like the other hands, he eventually left. She was used to that.
    The rest of her life, she'd always remember that stream vision, when she'd finally seen the grown up nude male, and finally saw what just had to be done. When her sexual reaction to men jelled to unsexing them. This would never go away. They needed help getting rid of all that, and she'd be more than happy to relieve them of there packaged burdens. More than happy. If it disempowered them, gave her their power, hurt them, and permanently humiliated them, well that's what they needed, these men. Sara was realizing she liked males, but could not tolerate their nuts, just could not tolerate them. It wasn't their fault, it wasn't her fault, but that's how it was.
    Luke was a pretty cowboy, and Sara, now 21, wanted him. Oh yes, there are pretty boys, they seem male as any other, they'll mount and spray there seed into mares at any chance, but, like the Palomino horse, they are just plain pretty. Something else about 'em too. Like this Luke one at 23, the rosy cheeks, the blond hair, the green eyes, the creamy thick white skin, they 're so pretty they seem like pussy boys, even though they're not. Even though the gay ones want 'em to be. Even though the blacks in prison would force them to be, ramming their big former slave dicks up their white butts so hard they'd have to be , and you'd like to see it happen.When they love and leave a gal, it's with no guile, they're boys with no plans, in the moment, just needing to pump all that creamy cum out of their cowboy nuts, and they're so sweet when they leave you for another each Saturday morning and planning to spray into another next Friday night.
    When Luke saw Sara, he wanted her too, the eye exchange was instant. When he saw her equally green eyes staring at him out of that russet face topped with honey blond hair, was it the exchange of much more than tomboy, but nutter, looking into a pretty male, excited by the contrast of what must be working-over time nuts on such a boy? Yes, that's what it was, all right, 'course Luke wouldn't have known that detail.
    Now Luke was interested, but this Sara being the boss's daughter was a complication, and they both would have worked it out, even with her ********** urge which was getting stronger by the day, maybe, not likely, but maybe, but when she found out what he was doing, whoring around every Friday night, and that he had dared to come on to her, her fury at arrogant testicles turned into a cold steel determination to nut him, right in the barn, like an animal, just steal them from him, cut those fucking animal suckers off.
    It could be done, would be done, she seethed when she thought of it, laughed when she thought of it. Daddy and Mommy were leaving on a weekend business trip this Friday late afternoon, the hands would be miles and miles out in the far ranges, and in any event wouldn't have any call to be coming all the way back to the main house and barn area. The ranch itself was twenty miles from anywhere else, if she got him to stay, they'd be all alone.
    Thursday evening, Sara went over to Luke.
    “Hey cowboy, whatcha up to?”
    “No good, s'usual Sara.”
    “Oh, that's what I hear. Say Luke, did ya know Daddy and Mommy are leaving Friday afternoon and I guess poor little me jess gonna be here all by my little self for the whole weekend.”
    “Is that right, well now...”
    “Course if a certain somebody...” She put both of her hands on his belt and curled her fingers down over into the top of his pants. “...I mean if a certain somebody didn't go out this Friday.. .'
    “Yes, if he didn't , Sara?” Her index finger had wormed into his shirt and was teasing his navel.
    “Well, then maybe he'd wanna stay around, have, you know, some real barnyard fun.”
    Luke was pecker hard behind his zipper. She let a hand stray down, let her fingers tickle the denim.
    “Guess he might just wanna do that, Sara, guess he sure might.”
    She stepped away cupping a quick feel of cowboy balls as she did so.
    “Gotta go Luke. The barn. 4:30.”
    Luke's car drove up to the house at 4:30. He walked over to the outside steps where she stood waiting holding a picnic basket.
    “What's this food?”
    “Oh, just a couple things” she said, fishing out a bottle of vodka.”
    Luke whipped out a flask of brandy from his back pocket.
    “Great minds.”
    They strolled over to the big barn and entered. It had been a working barn,and still could be, but it was also huge inside and gleaming, with home pictures on some walls, and books amidst hooks and wooden benches and stalls. It smelled of wax and kerosene, and the hay upstairs.
    Sara had Luke by the balls. His nuts were hers. She had made sure he'd drunk more than her, she'd told him the first barnyard game she'd wanted to play was milking a bull like he was a male cow. He was drunk enough, hot enough, amused enough as this wild gal to let her take the lead, and she'd had him take off his boots and socks. She'd pulled down his pants and underwear, she could not get them off fast enough, his seven inch pecker leaking pre-cum as it leaped free, his big plump Palomino bag of of cowboy nuts also wobbling out freed, she'd made made him put back on his boots, left his shirt on but completely unbuttoned, and now he was leaning over the work horse, his furry sack in her hands while she cupped it from behind his wide spread blond legs and his tight with little ranch hand butt.
    She was milking him or so he thought, but she was making sure, as her Daddy at taught her, to maneuver his big nuts down into lower into the bag, feeling what she was dealing with. She wasn't hutting him, that would come later. But she was going to make him cum without touching his prick, just by pulling on his man nuts from behind. Already she was feeling the power. This was manhood itself, but manhood itself, so tough and strong and arrogant, had made a mistake and put itself into two tender puffy organs, suspended itself on two highly snippable cords, wrapped itself in a thin skinned pouch which let you see the contents, and dangled itself outside, wobbling and bobbling, obscene, so obvious it was supposed to get cut off, wanted to get cut off, was designed to get off, and needed to get cut off, was begging for it, needed to relieve itself of itself, oh how it needed that.
    The men didn't know they needed the relief, but their nuts and nut sacks did, get these off me, they dangled, get these off me they wobbled, ******** me, ******** me, ******** me, knife them off me in a barn, and take your prizes, leave me permanently relieved of my nasty spraying, I can't help spraying everywhere, into any female that shakes her ass they bobbled, vent your fury at men once and for all and ******** my ugly nuts off with a big butcher knife and throw them into a bucket, they bounced, leave me humiliated and unpowered without my nuts, they swung, stop this spraying and impregnating and fix me good, they hung, cuttable, cuttable, cuttable.
    Oh yeah.
    “Oh, yeah, Luke, ooh, I love these nuts of yours, these cowboy nuts, I can't get enough of them. Oh yeah, you're gonna spray now aren't you, they're trying to get upside now, aren't they, they going up inside now, aren't they, trying to get that bull sperm? No, don't touch yourself baby, get your hand off that dick, leave it alone. Do I have to tie your hands down? No, just like this, just like this. Come on pretty cowboy, you've got a lot in there, let's get it out.”
    The odd position, the strange exciting words, those hot little female hands pulling on his balls, she was extracting his cum from him and damn, shit, here it was starting, goddamn, oh my god, uhn! Luke, cupped by the balls, feeling controlled and helpless, helplessly sprayed out huge ropes of semen, splat, splat, splat, splat, splat he shot onto the floor, the more intense and frustrating because he couldn't touch his prick for relief, she...damn, she had milked him, and still she squeezed, uhn!, splat, splat, splat, it was ecstatic torture, humiliating, his own virility was humiliating it felt so good and weakening.
    Sara had loved it, feeling the helpless nuts and cords and whole bag vibrate in sperming, spraying contractions, completely in control of everything, they were her nuts, not his. Luke slumped over the workhorse, exhausted. Still she had him by the balls, let him rest a bit, cooed to him, ran one hand up and down his flank while the other hand cupped his nuts, feeling them gradually calm down, loosen, get longer and flabbier, hanging down softer and longer now, drained. Good. Good. Lighter but longer. Good. Easier to ********.
    When Luke was finished, Sara encouraged him to go sit down with his legs spread wide, and she continued to confess her fascination with his nuts, said she could not stop looking at them. He agreed, drinking some more from the brandy flask, but said now, he wanted to get some looking too, so she took off her own jeans and panties, sat down and spread, let him look at some real girl power, the pussy he would never get into. His prick, shrunken and lolling over to one side, thickened and started to mount. Sara laughed and then revealed the next barnyard game she wanted to play. Since she just couldn't get enough of his nuts, why didn't he just let her string him up by some rope, like the side of male beef he was, so she could get her favorite few, nuts dangling above her. Brandied, excited, the male animal agreed, he actually let her get a wooden crate, rope his hands together, whereupon she lowered the chained hook from the barn beam, stuck it in and through the rope knot of his hands as he stood on the crate. She pulled and stretched on the the other end of the chain, until he stood stretched above her, trapped, penis jutting out again, nuts ripe for the stealing.Sara relented and gave the prick a squeeze. Already it wanted to spray some more, all this manhood on such a pretty cowboy.
    “Oh, look at you Luke, all strung up like this, with those nuts just hanging down. You know what they used to do in here? They don't do it anymore, but this is where the used to cut the animals, wouldn't it be wild if I ********* you—Sara pronounced it in the ranch way, four syllables, cas-ter-ra-ted, long and hot like long hot cords—wouldn't that be something if I nutted you?”
    Luke prick sprung up at full attention.
    “Oh, yeh, Luke, you see? You're going to get nutted, look at your prick!”
    Sara reached into the picnic basket and brought out the big kitchen butcher knife. Luke eyes filled with alarm and he started on the crate but the rope held him taut. She mockingly ran the smooth handle all around his pouch and up and down and around his balls everywhere front and back. She stopped, retrieved some alcohol from the basket, and ran it over over the blade. The cold shock of the alcohol she quickly ran over his sack burned and stung him in hot iciness. He gasped, oh my god, Jesus, was she really going to...
    The knife's sharp incision at his scrotum 's upper left was so quick he saw the trickle of blood before he felt the cut. He yelped out loud.
    “No Sara! Stop! What are you doing?”
    “Doing?” The knife made its slit on the right. Luke gasped a deep diaphragmatic groan. He bucked his hips back to escape but the girl's other hand held his fuzzy bag of big male fruit trapped. “I want those big nuts of f' ya, silly. I'm going to steal your nuts. I just gotta open the bag so I can get 'em out and ******** 'em off you.” Even with the cuts boy's fear, he was inadvertently milking himself again in her cupped grasping hand, she could feel the bull semen rising, smell it already, his blond Palomino prick jutted helplessly up and out. “You see, cowboy, you 're so excited 'bout being *********, you need those nuts cut off so bad, you're gonna spray out some more, aren't ya? Like you been spraying in town all the time into those sluts? Well only way we can keep your pecker down is cut you, you know that.”
    Luke struggled and bucked on the ropes, his eyes wide with fear, sweat rolled down his pits, his prick was so hard it hurt, and her mocking fingers curled from behind, curled from behind, curled from behind, splat he sprayed over her shoulder, splat he sprayed on on her shoulder, splat he sprayed on the ground, and the big kitchen knife moved round the top of his arrogant bag and skinned it off. Luke screamed unto the rafters. Sara, the expert, reached in left, reached in right, pulled Luke's nuts right out of their hiding place. This is how she'd seen nuts ever since she was a little girl, this is what they really were, raw organs made to come off. She went over to her picnic basket, got the Mason jar filled with salt water, held it over his exposed organs, oh yeah, oh did they belong there.
    Luke dissolved, he cried, he pleaded, tears down his cheeks, snot down his nose, already unmanned into a boy, such a pretty boy, why he didn't even need these big nuts if that's what he really was. Sara tied both cords. She was not going to do him like a calf, one at a time. This, her first bull, would be done differently. Her smile was more glazed and evil than the knife she brought to his dangling manhood, she yanked them both down hard as she could, Luke's eyes rolled back into his head, and she sliced his big nuts off with the knife, it felt better cutting them off than she'd ever imagined, she uncowboyed her cowboy who slumped at the shock of the pain and reality, beyond screaming, bleeding.
    Sara carried her nuts and put them in the jar. Now she was overwhelmed. She sank to the floor, opened her legs, put her jarred nuts right up to her girl parts, already orgasming, took the blunt edge of the knife and inserted it into her pussy, oh god yeh, best of her life, what if she needed to nut males just to cum, she spasmed uncontrollably at the thought. Finally, when done and recovered, she took her nuts back to the picnic basket. Surely bull nuts would be more satisfying the calf.
    They were, she found out later. Alcohol thrown on the former man's ruined pouch, which would heal and shrink, finally, back up into puffy vagina-like folds, revived him. She cut her dociled steer down, wiped him off, got him warm, dressed him. He had no fight in him, of course, was groggy and found it hard to walk. Well, you nutted male animals in barns to unmale them and take their power away, but not to kill them, so her perfunctory animal husbandry ministrations were also expert. He was too confused to thank her for this right now, but she let him sleep covered in blankets, gave him and aspirin, and when it looked like he could function and sit up, got him into his car, told him to drive away and never come back or she would say he'd tried to **** her, or, even without threats from him,she let everybody know he didn't have any balls.
    That's how the power continues she thought as she ate her breakfast of fried bull nuts. Luke would recover, but already he'd be shooting blanks. For some time he might feel some urges, as grown animals will still do, but how could he approach a girl now in some bar and say, I'm a nutted neutered pretty boy. No, he'd have to keep his pants on to hide his humiliation. And once you've stolen the nuts off a man, you could always threaten to, or actually depants and deunderwear him right in public and let everybody see his nuts were gone. So no woman would want him now...and gradually he would lose interest too. He'd go through the motions, but finally he'd be calmed down, the interest gone.
    Sara grinned at all that, the power of the act and it's aftermath goes on forever. She lifted her fork. You know veal is kind of boring, it's okay, but nothing like the rich taste of beef. If you like lamb, you go wild at the deeper richer, more satisfying taste of mutton when you finally taste it. When you finally ******** a man in a barn and slice his fucking nuts right off him, you get a taste for that too.
    She orgasmed and dropped her fork. She was going to do it again, and again, and again. She preferred her pretty boys right now, maybe, but, all men have nuts and...
    She wanted all men nutted.

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    [FONT='Courier New',times,serif,arial]Wanna play cowgirl with us?[/FONT]
    By: Hereunuch

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    Ben accepts Donna's invitation to play cowgirl with her and her girlfriends. It's fun at first, until he ends up roped, tied, branded by a real cowgirl who then castrates him the way she turns bulls into steers.

    Ben thought it sounded like fun. Donna, a girl he worked with asked him over to her house one saturday afternoon. She said, "Some of my girlfriends are getting together at my place to play cowgirl, and one of the girls really is a cowgirl with a ranch out west. We need a guy to be our bull. Wanna come over and play cowgirl with us?"

    Ben arrived at Donna's wondering what the game of "cowgirl" involved.

    He found Donna and her three friends, Liz, Jessica, and Brenda all dressed as cowgirls in jeans, long sleeve western work shirts, western hats and boots. They took Ben down to the basement to play cowgirl with them.

    Donna has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Liz has short dark hair and brown eyes. Brenda has shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. Jessica has light brown hair that comes just below her shoulders and grey eyes. Donna, Brenda, and Jessica have their hair tied back in a ponytail.

    Each of the girls is in her mid twenty's about 26 to 28 years old. Ben is in his mid thirties. Donna, Liz, and Brenda are all about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches tall. Jessica is about 5 feet 10 inches tall. All the girls have outstanding figures, especially Jessica who looks like a fitness model.

    Donna introduces Ben to the girls. When she introduces him to Jessica she says, "Jessica is a real cowgirl, she has a ranch out west and Brenda has been out there to visit her when they were rounding up the cattle."

    Jessica looks Ben over and says with her southwest drawl, "So you're gonna be our bull today. You look like you'd make a pretty good bull." Handing him a bull costume she says, "Here, take off your clothes and put this on. The idea of the game is you run around dressed like a bull and us girls lasso you and then tie you with a rope like we do the cattle at roundup time."

    Ben thought it sounded like fun. He took off his clothes and put on the bull costume. The costume was black and white spotted like a cow and completely covered his arms, legs, and body. His head came out an opening like the neck of a Tee shirt, and it left his butt cheeks, and strangely, his genitals fully exposed.

    "Ok," Said Brenda, "Run around and we'll try to lasso you."

    Ben ran around and each of the girls tried to lasso him then she tied his hands and feet together like she would a bull calf she had roped. Each of the girls was able to lasso and rope Ben several times. Of course Brenda was real good at it, and Jessica was perfect at it a true expert at roping a calf.

    Ben was really enjoying the game and thought it was fun having each of these beautiful girls lasso, rope, and tie him, he even mooed like a bull, and the girls giggled and laughed as Ben ran around mooing as they roped him.

    Finally Liz said, "Ok, one last time and this time we're gonna do it like Jessica said they do it for real on her ranch. Donna, you and I will lasso Ben, then Brenda and Jessica can show us how they brand the cattle.

    Ben ran around once more mooing as Donna and Liz each caught him with their lassos, and then the girls tied him. Ben now laid there unable to move.

    "What now?" asked Donna. Jessica said, "Well since I got him tied like We would a bull calf when we brand em, Brenda's gonna brand him with my brand, she's gonna mark him as my property."

    Was Ben hearing this right?! He was really scared when he saw Brenda come up with a red hot branding iron, and then suddenly she put it on his right butt sheek right at his hip. A searing intense burning pain seared through him! Brenda followed her branding by applying a salve to the brand that took aways all the pain instantly.

    Now Jessica rolled him over on his back. " I ******** the bull calves when we brand em," she said rolling up her sleeves. "So I'm gonna ******** him," she said as she rolled her sleeves up above her elbows. "I'm gonna turn him into a steer."

    Total fear raced through Ben's very being! NO! This wasn't real it couldn't be! But it was! Ben looked up at this beautiful cowgirl her sleeves rolled up above her elbows, He watched as she grasped his testicles in her left hand and a small pocket knife in her right hand.

    Jessica pushed Ben's balls up into his groin and she swiftly cut away his scrotum. As she took his right testicle in her left hand he had a huge erection and he shot a large glob of cum!

    Jessica smiled saying, "You havin an erection for me, and cummin too, that's cool, I like it when a bull has a hardon while I'm castratin him, and especially if he squirts his last oad of cum while I'm cuttin his nuts out."

    She slowly pulls Ben's right ball away from his body stretching the spermatic cord which makes a crackling noise as she stretches it, then with a swift flick of her knife she cuts off the right testicle which she drops on the floor.

    Jessica takes Ben's left ball in her left hand and begins pulling it the same way. His hardon pulses a few times and he seeps and dribbles the last of his cum.

    Jessica smiles and says, "Oh his cock is pulsing a little yet, and he's dribblin the last of his cum, I like it that he's doing this while I'm cuttin him, this way he'll be totally drained out when I finish castratin him."

    She stretches the cord and she swiftly cuts it with her knife. Ben is now a steer ********* by a beautiful young cowgirl!

    It happened so fast Ben felt almost no real pain. Jessica is real good at **********. It only took about 3 minutes for her to perform the **********. The ********** at Her hands was bruitally swift and sure. In only 3 minutes she cut Ben's balls out and his manhood was destroyed at the hands of this beauitufl 26 year old cowgirl as she cut his balls out.

    Jessica took Ben back to her ranch with her. He now serves her and worships her as his only Goddess. He helps her around her ranch and when he watches her as she castrates the bull calves he remembers how she ********* him and that reinforces her power over him, and makes his serve and worship her even more.
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    cowgirl fantasy

    I've this recurring fantasy of a tall, busty, blonde in a cowgirl oufit (boots, spurs, hat,etc.) that rides me real hard, spurs poking me on the side while twisting my nipples with her fingernails. I thrust my hips as she bounces on my cock, but she complains that she can't feel me because my dick is too small. I thrust harder but she laughs, telling me that my cock is so small it's cute, like a little boys. I should be offended but her teasing only brings me closer to orgasm. Just before I cum, she reaches back and squeezes my balls, stopping my orgasm. She looks down at me with a grin, remarking that my balls were rather small too. I reach up to grab her tits, but she swivels around, her back facing me now. With one hand, she grabs a huge lubed up dildo and shoves it up my ass and with the other, she pulls out a pocket knife, slicing off my scrotum so my balls hang free in the open air. I scream in protest and try to push her off, but she just grinds her pussy down onto my crotch. She states that I'm not the first "little" guy she's done this to and yanks both of my testicles out of their sockets. I howl in agony so she injects me with anesthesia before sewing me up. She then cuddles up next to me, shoving her large breasts in my face with her long legs wrapped around mine and her arm around my waist. I take a nipple into my mouth and suckle, tears in my eyes, hoping to forget my trauma. She cooes in my ear that I must orally serve her from now on, eating the creampies from her "well endowed" lovers, seeing as that I no longer have the balls to do much else. She says tomorrow she's going to get my ass branded, so everyone knows I belong to her.

    On a side note, if any of you would like to write a story involving small penis humiliation, ball-busting, ********** and cuckoldry, i implore you =)

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    hyde park

    i found this tantalizing

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    A girl ********** a goat.
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    She pushed up her sleeves and she cut his nuts out!
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    Surgical ********** performed by a girl!
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    And his balls are gone, ********* by a girl.
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    His manhood destroyed at her hands!
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    Another pretty girl ********** a goat.
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    She pushed up her sleeves and she ********* him!
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    There is something very powerful and aluring about this power in the hands of girls and women. When I see this I think of this girl doing this to me.
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    I'm pretty much a visual and graphic guy. pics and vids do more for me than written descriptions.

    Does anyone have any more pics or any videos like this and could you please post the here?

    When I see these pics and vids, I imagine that I am the male animal these women and girls are **********.

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