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Thread: Penectomy enthusiasts

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    Actually, on a second look it appears almost certainly to be very good photoshop. He has earlier pictures with the penis cut off.

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    I was at work today and something remarkable happened. Some girls in their 20s were sitting round a table and one found a video of male to fem surgery on her fb when she was on her phone. She showed the vid to her friends, particularly the part where the peni2 is cut off, her other friends didnt seem that interested, though one did remark on how big it was. The girl with the phone was watching with enthusiasm though and said she "always wondered what would happen if you did that".

    This is clear proof that at least some girls have thought about it. I mentioned that people used to chop them off in Medieval times but i was too embarrassed to say anything else in case they thought I was weird. It would have been great to mention a few other things and then judge their reactions. It's very rare to get a real girl's view of this taboo subject.

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    Just seen today on some poor guy has had his cock sliced off completely, only leaving his balls.
    Must say she did a very neat job, have a look

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