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Belated kudos to Mythical Pain for another entertaining short. Always nice to see more of the Melissaverse (Sleeping Bagverse?).
Lol, Sleeping Bag Universe hehe. Kinda been calling it that myself. Actually working on another longer story in that universe, featuring some new characters. Including a male arctic fox, and a female coyote. With some cameos from previously seen characters. There's a ball shot but I probably will just post it over on SF. Kind of like I mostly just post my short, ballbusting focused stories here, but don't post them on SF. Even if I was tempted to post this one with Sally and Max just to see the reaction, lol.

Poor Max lol. Probably gets it as bad as Adam...imagine what happens when Melissa spends the night, and Melissa, Sarah and Sally all get mad at the annoying little lion.