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Thread: Furry Ballbusting

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    i like it!

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    i was lookin for that one for quit a wile eric thought i had it but i guess i didnt

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    Not really "ballbusting", but simliar in topic:

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    i can t this cause photo

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    some GREAT furry action, posted by drkwolf222:

    the 3rd one I like best !

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    hear are a few more
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    some more here ...

    one is not male but its genital pain and furry so i tossed it in
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    Quote Originally Posted by drkwolf222 View Post
    some more here ...

    one is not male but its genital pain and furry so i tossed it in
    the one in the middle is hot - no explicit bust, but it looks as if they might soon start with it...

    no bust, just femdom:

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    Thank you everyone for all of this it means alot to me since I myself am a furry (Werewolf) and have taken a liking to ballbusting.So in this thread both my two favorite things have been combined!

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    Nice Stuff!

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    And drkwolf is the man. Well played, been looking for a few of these for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChiefSoreballs View Post
    I would appreciate any comments from you guys - not necessarily about the short story posted above (although that would be interesting too) but mostly about the furry stuff in general. are there any other people except ballmasher and me who like it - or is the idea of, say, a mouse with tits a turn-off for you ?
    I'm not into that stuff specifically, but I do like the idea of anthro dogs, bulls, minotaurs, etc (animals that are known for being well endowed) in these situations. So I would like to see more, although f/m greatly preferred over m/m.

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    Not sure if this is quite what you're looking for, Johnni, but I've recently started writing a series of stories about a dragon getting ballbusted by various females. You can find the stories on Yiffstar at, or here are the first two chapters below:

    First off, a warning to the easily queased: this story consists, primarily and almost entirely, of non-consensual ballbusting. There's no coherent plot or emotional development or anything of the sort, just a dragon repeatedly getting his testes smashed. Yeah, I know. Why? Well, for whatever reason, I happen to find it hot when a male gets his nuts abused at the paws (or claws) of a female: kicked, kneed, slapped, squeezed, stomped, crushed, and (occasionally) popped. (Although there's no ********** here, fortunately or unfortunately. After all, it wouldn't be any fun if our dragon friend could only be busted /once/....)

    Got it? Good. Then keep reading.


    Let me be blunt: I am a dragon. Of the raar grr firebreathing variety. People come to my cave to look for treasure, or to 'save the princess' (whom I've never actually kidnapped), or whatever: power, glory, righteousness, all that bullshit. I'm not exactly unfamiliar with people walking through my front door and trying to slay me, knights and wizards and the like.

    Two issues with that, though. First, dragons are pretty much impervious to magic. You'd think the wizarding community would've caught onto this by now, but for whatever reason, they're exceeding slow in that respect. I've fought off at least a dozen magic users without any lasting harm, and yet every couple of months, I'll get some plucky young thing come try to kick my tail. Kinda sad to watch, to be honest.

    Second of all, we dragons are physically /tough/. All you really need to know is this: dragon scales can't be cut and dragon bones don't break. Ever. All those swords and arrows and what have you, they don't do squat. Granted, I've gotten some pretty nasty bruises before -- a knight tried to take my head off once, and I could hardly rotate my neck for a week -- but you're never going to kill me that way. Old age is pretty much the only way to go.

    There's one caveat, though. I've said that it's basically impossible to kill a dragon like me in combat, which it is. Usually somebody comes storming into the cave with a staff or a sword, goes straight for the jugular, and realizes within a few seconds that's nothing happening. Not a great revelation to have, particularly if you've just woken me up and now I'm staring you down from twice your height. So what do people do? Well, they panic. The guys generally hack and slash for a few more seconds and then piss their pants in fear before I finish them off. The females, though...the females are a different story. They're trying to kill me in self-defense now, so they look for my most obvious weak spot they can find and they go for it. Can you guess where?

    No? Lemme give you a reminder then: I'm twice as tall as them, and standing right in from of them. And I'm male.

    What's at eye level?

    Yeah, that's right. They go for the balls. And you wonder why us dragons are going extinct.

    You'd be surprised how many people, in a moment of blind panic, just lash out for my gonads. They're at the perfect height, I guess, just hanging there, and people just go to town on them. I've heard it's the same for all male dragons. You start learning after the first few times you get nailed, obviously -- you start positioning yourself more defensively, and your reflexes get a lot better -- but desperation does a lot for a person. I once had a particularly crazy knight try to make a shish-kabob of my testicles -- she just straight-up stabbed 'em with her sword. Obviously, she couldn't cut through my ballsac, but the bitch had such lucky aim that she pinned one of nuts up against my pelvis. And then she just started /pushing/...oh gods. Like the rest of our bodies, dragon testicles don't ever pop or rupture, but I don't want to /imagine/ what shape my nut was in right then. All I remember is spending the night curled in the fetal position, trying not to throw up.

    And magic users? Fuck. Most of them are stupid and terrified enough that I can chase 'em out before they do anything too rough, but once in a while you'll get someone clever. I once had a sorceress who cast a bind spell around my sac and just starting /crushing/ my nuts. God, I can't /describe/ to you what that's like. It wasn't a short thing, either -- it lasted like three days, me just writhing on the floor in agony. My balls ached for months afterwards. Any time I jerked off, cumming felt like a steel-toed boot to the crotch.

    So that's the great secret of the 'dragon-slayers'. All the great heroes who've ever claimed to slay dragons have really just ballbusted them until they were incapacitated. It's a hell of a tough way to live -- you'll spend months building up your resources, settling down, keeping to yourself, and WHAM! all of a sudden there's sadistic bitch at the door who wants nothing more than to see you suffer. Seriously, I haven't even talked about repeat offenders. There's this one elephant chick who comes and just.../nnngh/. You do not want to know what it's like to have an elephant stomping on your gonads like they're grapes.

    What? Seriously? You want to hear some stories? Well...


    The first chick who ever went after my balls was this female orca, a big, built thing. She was so rugged-looking I assumed she was male at first, beneath all the armor, but I realized I was wrong when she started to speak.

    "I've come to destroy you," she said, spitting the words out as she leaned on a nasty-looking mace.

    I snorted, straightening in front of her. "What a surprise. That's a really original concept; I want you to know that. Let me guess: you're either going to cut off my head or stab me in the heart."

    She smirked wickedly, giving a quick glance at my uncovered groin. (It didn't strike me as anything important at the time -- stupid.) "Not exactly," she replied, preparing to strike.

    Even as she pulled her mace back, I left my guard down -- she seemed way too cocky, way too sure of herself, just like every other challenger who'd ever walked in. The mace looked too heavy for her, so I figured I'd give her a few swings to tire herself out and then make short work of her. Of course, by the time I realized where she was aiming it was too late, and--

    "Oh /GOD/," I squeaked, crumpling to the floor with my nuts in my hands. "Oh my...oh my /GOD/, my /BALLS/!"

    "Hurts, doesn't it?" she said, smiling. "I'm guessing no one's ever done /that/ before."

    Actually, looking back, I'm not sure I ever /had/ been hit in the nuts before. (Such a strange thought now...oh gods, so many bad memories.) Certainly I'd never been clobbered like this. It was just.../annngh/. I'd never had so much /agony/ ripping through my gut before. I was trying to form some sort of coherent response, whether that meant defending my territory or just tearing the bitch's head off, but all I could hear was my brain screaming "WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR BALLS?" and my balls screaming back "OH GOD WHAT'S GOING ON".

    I tried reconstructing what had happened. I remembered standing. I remembered the orca swinging her mace up between my legs. I remembered my feet leaving the ground, which meant she wasn't just dirty, she was fucking /strong/. The impact of the mace had physically lifted me up off the floor, which meant my entire weight was resting on my unprotected gonads. Fuck. And now I was curled up on the stone floor, writhing in inescapable pain, looking up at the female orca who'd put me through this torture. Though she suddenly seemed to be wearing a lot less clothes.

    "i hope you don't mind if I get comfortable?" She gazed down at me condescendingly as she tossed off her gauntlets, leaving her standing completely nude in the middle of the cavern. "Armor's heavy -- I find it a lot easier to do my work without it." She blinked. "Plus it's just a lot more fun."

    All I could give in reply was a slow, agonized moan, which made her chuckle. "Oh that's right," she said. "You're a little...occupied at the moment, aren't you."

    "Fuck you," I choked, rolling onto my back, my dragonhood still carefully cradled in my claws.

    "Hey." Her tone was suddenly much more serious. "I'd watch your language if you know what's good for you, drake."

    Unfortunately, I was not in the mood. "What.../nngh/, gods...what the fuck do you want, bitch?"

    Stars exploded in my eyes as my balls exploded in a fresh wave of pain, sending me back into the fetal position with a primal roar. The orca had brought her mace down on my crotch again, smashing my balls through my claws and crushing the poor orbs into my pelvis. I felt myself start to shake as I let out a high, piercing scream, my body unable to process the pain overload it was going through. Above me the female laughed, her arms folded beneath her breasts.

    "Oh, little dragon," she snickered. "You don't know the half of it. You're going to do whatever I say, whenever I say it. And unless you want your balls smashed into paste before I'm through with you, I'd advise you to shut up and start listening."

    I could hardly hear what she was saying through the ringing in my ears, but I could tell this was going to be a looooong ordeal...
    "Oh God...oh /God/..."

    "Oh come on already." The orca sounded quite exasperated, and I guess she had a point. I don't know how long I'd been curled on the ground groaning, but it had to be almost an hour now. At first, she'd quite enjoyed herself -- I could hear her moans of pleasure in between my moans of pain, and at one point I'd cracked an eye open to see her leaning back against the cave wall, legs spread, very clearly masturbating. Apparently she got off on cracking my poor nuts. Right now, though, she seemed to want to move things along, which couldn't be good news for my balls. I shuddered at the thought.

    Nonetheless, I summoned what energy I could and rolled onto my back, claws still wrapped protectively around my gonads. I gave myself a quick fondle to check things out, wincing at the touch. One, two...they felt considerably larger than I remembered, but at least they were still there.

    "/Nnrgh/...fine," I wheezed at the orca, fighting back a fresh wave of nausea. "What do you.../enngh/...what do you want?"

    "Let me look at your balls," the orca said, walking closer.

    "No!" I grunted back immediately, squeezing my legs shut. I didn't want the bitch anywhere near my crotch, but the angry glare she gave me made me wonder if I'd been a bit too forceful in my reply.

    "Really? Well, let me put it this way," she growled, slinging her heavy weapon up over her shoulder. "You can let me take a look at your balls, or I can use the mace again."

    With a reluctant whine, I slowly dropped my hands to my sides, all the while fighting the instinct to cover up. I let out another low groan as the female gently pushed my legs apart, giving her access to my groin. The twin spheres between my legs were still crying out in pain, and it felt like she'd bruised 'em pretty badly. (Can testicles even /be/ bruised? Mine sure feel like they are an awful lot...)

    "Well," the orca continued, taking a few steps closer, "let's take a look, shall we?"

    I tensed up considerably as she knelt down between my outstretched legs, taking a closer look at my equipment. Now, I like to think of myself as pretty well-endowed, even for my species, so I was significantly more than a handful down below. She poked and prodded at my scrotum for a moment before lifting my left testicle up in her hands, rolling it in her palms and inspecting it briefly. I felt a bit queasy, to say the least, and things didn't improve from there -- she unceremoniously let my gonad drop back down to the ground, the impact sending another quick jolt of nutpain through my gut. She repeated the process with my other ball, and even knowing what to expect this time didn't help. I let out a soft "uggh" as it slipped out of her fingers and back onto the stone below, which made her giggle in response.

    "A little tender, are we?" she asked mockingly.

    I started to reply, but inhaled sharply as she moved farther northward, rubbing up against a part of my anatomy that been neglected thus far.

    "/Mmm/," she rumbled, running her fingers up the length of my limp member. "Well, this is...this is quite impressive."

    I could feel my toes curling in response to her administrations -- the little touch of pleasure, in the midst of all my pain, had a surprisingly strong effect.

    "I can just /imagine/," she purred, "what this cock is like with your females. Or with any female, for that matter. In fact..." -- here she looked away from my crotch, and straight into my eyes -- "I bet you'd like to fuck me right now, wouldn't you?"

    To be honest, the thought /had/ crossed my mind when I'd realized she was a she. It'd been quite a while since my balls had seen any kind of release. Of course, more recently I'd been a bit preoccupied with making sure my balls were still /there/, y'know, priorities and all. Still, it was a welcome distraction from the throbbing in my groin. In fact, she was quite a hot little number without the armor. With the naked orca kneeling in front of me, her breasts exposed, her fins encircling my shaft, I could feel a bit of blood pumping into my cock, the scaly length beginning to stiffen...

    Apparently she could, too. I jerked in surprise as she delivered a heavy slap to my balls, sending yet another shock of pain running through my system. "Thought so," she murmured, climbing back to her feet as my claws went back to my crotch. "No surprises there. Males, so predictable."

    I let out a long, low groan as I rolled onto my side and that all-too-familiar ache began to spread through my torso. I'd never felt so much nutpain in such a short period of time before, and my body had no idea how to process it. It was mind-boggling. How could the organs that gave me so much pleasure, that created life, that made me /male/, cause me so much agony? I had to get out of this before it went any further. "Why are you doing this?" I moaned.

    She stopped where she was standing. I saw a questioning look cross her face, as if she didn't quite understand. "Why?" she echoed back.

    "Why do you keep hurting my balls?" I cried out piteously, clutching the wounded orbs. "Please, /please/, just let me go. I don't know what I ever did to you, but I'm sorry, and oh god, my balls, you don't know how much it /hurts/--"

    "Oh I know it hurts." The orca gazed right back at me, unfazed. "Why else would I do it?"

    Not the answer I was hoping for. "What did I do to you?" I demanded, desperate.

    "Me?" She paused. "Nothing. Nothing personal, anyway. I don't have anything specifically against you. But you've fought and killed a considerable number of us smaller creatures, from what I understand, and I think that needs to be punished."

    Punished. Oh God no. "What...what are you going to do to me?"

    She frowned for a moment as she thought, then a smile spread across her face. "You know what? You caught me in a good mood. I might be willing to let you go -- if you do something for me first."

    Oh thank God. "Anything," I wheezed, "anything you want."

    "Alright, then, here's the deal. Like I said, you haven't done anything to me personally, but I still feel like you should have to pay for what you've done to others. So. How many challengers have you faced since you got here?"

    Uh oh. "F-four," I lied, hoping she'd let me off easy.

    I jerked in pain as the orca female snapped a kick into my ballsac, crushing my poor gonads between my pelvis and her foot. I let out a short squeak as I tumbled back onto my side, body contorted in agony, trying vainly to protect the precious seedsacks between my legs.

    "Wrong," she spat angrily, the fire back in her eyes again. "I know for a fact that there've been more than that -- my village alone has lost more. Now, I'm going to give you one chance to reconsider your answer. How many challengers have you faced since you got here?"

    I was not about to lie again. "Nine," I cried out, "oh god, nine!"

    "Better. Here's the deal then." She paused for a moment to let the suspense build -- and wait for me to pay attention to her, rather than my throbbing nuts. "I'm going to kick you in the balls for every fighter you've beaten up. Nine kicks. And that last one didn't count. Sound fun?"

    Oh gods, the ache. "And...and what then?" I croaked.

    "Well, here's the catch." She grinned. "You'll start on your knees, and stay on your knees when you get hit, but if you ever fall all the way to the ground, you're done and your balls are mine. If your hands touch the ground -- at all -- I'm going to bust your sorry gonads until you wish you'd been hatched female, dragon-boy. Squish." She ground her bare foot against the ground, as if to pop some poor orca male's balls beneath her heel. Hell, for all I knew, she'd probably already popped a few pairs of orca nuts.

    "But. On the other hand, if you can manage to take it all without falling...I'll let you go." She paused. "For now, anyway."

    I didn't like the sound of that last addition, but I figured I didn't have much of a choice in the matter. It seemed like my only chance. "I.../nngh/...I'll do it," I groaned, trying not think about the possible consequences if I should fail.

    The orca raised an eyeridge, as if surprised that I'd accepted the challenge. "Really," she commented, smirking. "Alright, then, get up."

    Slowly I struggled to my knees, fighting the urge to vomit, but soon I was steady, claws planted on my thighs for balance.

    "Spread your knees," the female commanded. I obeyed. "Wider," she demanded, and I spread my thighs wider with a groan, trying to ignore the ache still spreading through my guts from the last kick. I could feel the weight of my testicles between my legs, the two spheres danging defenselessly in open space.

    The orca began walking in circles around me, her bare tits gently bobbing on her chest. " are /such/ an idiot," she laughed, planting a hand on her hip. "You have no idea what you're getting into. You realize your balls are as good as popped, right? I'll give you a chance to say goodbye to your poor little gonads now -- I won't be leaving you anything to remember them by."

    I wasn't about to tell her that my nuts wouldn't pop -- God knows that was my only chance to escape this mess alive. Still, the warning was scary nonetheless. Just /one/ of her kicks had hurt like hell; I couldn't imagine what nine in a row would be like. Gently I examined my balls in my claws, wincing at the touch. They were swollen as hell, and hardly seemed like /my/ nuts anymore, they'd been bashed about so much.

    Finally, with a sigh, I gently lowered them back down between my legs. "Alright, orca," I said, "I'm rea--"

    I didn't have time to finish as an explosion of pain went off between my legs. The orca had taken her time to prepare a vicious kick, and vicious it was, her bare black foot delivering a crushing blow to my nuts from behind. With every fiber of my being I willed myself not to simply curl up into the fetal position and hit the ground -- instead my claws wrapped protectively around my balls and I threw my head back with an ear-splitting squeal, lost in agony. The female's kick had been right on target, hitting both balls, and the wave of nausea that followed swept over my entire body. I thrashed in place as I sought some sort of escape from the pain, but to no avail -- my balls were still there, and there were still eight kicks to go.

    "How's it feel, drake?" the orca asked, grinning. "Not too good, I imagine. Well then...maybe this will help."

    I knew it was coming this time, but that didn't help; it just meant I felt it more acutely as the female sunk her toes into my ballsac, the fragile eggs once again flattened by her foot. "MY /BALLS!/" I screamed as the pain ripped through my body, "OH MY GOD, MY /BALLS!/"

    "Ah, the plural noun," the orca said, grinning. "You won't be using that for long."

    I caught myself just before I toppled to the ground; instead, my claws flew to my crotch again and my head burrowed into my thigh. I couldn't believe so much pain was coming from two little orbs in a little scaly sack. How was it possible? How could it possibly--"

    "Hey, look up."

    I ****** my gaze upward just in time to see the orca send her third kick straight into my balls, this time from directly in front. I still had my claws wrapped around my nuts, but she somehow managed to kick underneath with just her toes, pinning the twin orbs against my pelvis with her toes. I screeched as she flexed her toes, squishing my balls even as I tried to protect them. I could see her bare tits bouncing from the momentum of the kick, a sharp contrast with the mind-shattering agony racing through my abdomen.

    "STOP STOP STOP, MY BALLS, MY /BALLS/!" I screeched. I could feel every nerve in my scaly nuts; feel her slippery toes, crushing each one individually, stressing them to the breaking point--

    "Move your hands," the orca ordered, folding her arms beneath her breasts.

    Oh God, oh God no, she couldn't make me do this, it wasn't in the rules. I shook my head deliriously, no, no, no.

    "Move your hands," she growled, "or this is over. NOW!"

    With an unfathomable effort I ****** my hands to my sides, exposing my poor dragonhood to the orca once again. This was just pitiful. A dragon, the symbol of maleness and strength and virility -- of sex in its prime! -- getting its balls beaten by a female, crying out in pain and fear as she assails his only weak spot.

    "You know," the female said, smiling down at my crumpled form, playing idly with her breasts, "initially I was planning to come here and pop just /one/ of your balls. As a warning, of sorts. As soon as I saw your nuts, though...God. Such a big, heavy, wonderful pair. I imagine you were quite proud of them before today."

    I groaned mightily and opened my eyes to see the orca leaning back against the wall again, one hand squeezing her tits and the other sliding in and out of her dripping cunt. "Oh fuck yeah, that's right," she moaned, catching my gaze. "I /love/ doing this. I can't wait to see your face when you realize you're not a male anymore -- when your balls pop. Ha! God, it's wonderful to be female."

    "Why do you do this?" I choked, still praying for some kind of exit.

    The orca blinked. "Because it's fun, why else?" With that, she drove her foot up into my balls again -- but this kick seemed somewhat off target. Her toes just caught my balls, sending the eggs bouncing frantically up and down in their sack. It was a sickening ache, a nausea in the bottom of my stomach, but still, nothing like the soul-crushing pain of the last three kicks. I'd gotten off easy on this one, apparently.

    The orca seemed to know it, too -- and she wasn't happy about it. "I can make up for that," she growled, and this time slammed her /knee/ up into my jewels.

    Oddly enough, the first thought that went through my head this time was not about the usual mindblowing testicular torture, but about how this felt different. Hell, I'd been hit in the balls so many times in the past few hours I was becoming a bit of a connoisseur. The orca's knee slammed into my crotch with much more force -- I was physically lifted off the ground, like when she had first hit me with her mace. And my balls had nowhere to go -- I could feel them both, smashed flat against her warm skin. The agony of having my jewels crushed so thin made me scream, soundlessly, my teeth bared in unimaginable anguish.

    Even in the middle of all this pain and analysis, though, something caught my attention -- a new ache. The previous kicks had hurt unlike anything I'd ever experienced before, but this new ache was qualitatively /different/. Something was wrong. Something in my sac had changed -- I could feel it -- but what could it be? My right nut felt strange, like it had somehow slipped out of place -- but what could that mean? My ball couldn't be about to pop...could it?

    "OH /GOD/," I screamed, "/WAIT/!" I was begging, desperately trying not to collapse onto the ground. "MY /BALLS/, /SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH MY BALLS/!"

    "Really." The orca grinned wickedly, flexing her toes idly against the ground. "Well, isn't that a pity. I could feel your nuts pancaking pretty nicely against my thigh there -- nothing like crushed nuts against your bare skin. They've gotten pretty big, huh? They can't keep swelling forever, though -- sounds like the little drake's nuts are about ready to pop. Guess you should've been a little nicer to your visitors, huh?"

    I started to say something back but was interrupted by another vicious knee in the balls. Now that I'd analyzed the differences between a knee and a kick, all that was really left was the feel the pain -- bone-crushing agony. This time, my right nut felt like it had exploded -- the previous kicks had been nothing compared to this. I could acutely feel every bit of the impact: the bone of her knee, making contact with my sac, moving upwards; striking my balls, which jumped and slid in their pouch in attempt to avoid injury; the rest of the thigh, following, trapping the testicles and crushing them flat against the pelvis. My head swam. I heard some kind of shrill, ungodly mewling, and only after several seconds did I realize it was me, trying to process the pain. I was sure my right testicle had popped, but when my claws flew to my crotch it was still there, lumpy and distorted but distinctly intact. Again, I fought the urge to collapse, clinging to a shred of hope that I could somehow escape /with/ my testicles. Through the blinding pain I caught a glimpse of the orca, in a mixture of a laugh and a moan, arching lustfully around the fingers thrust into her cunt.

    "Ohhhh gods that was a good hit," she breathed, crouching to catch her breath. "Christ, I can orgasm just from crushing your nuts, dragon. So big and scaly...but so flat now..." She walked around behind me, and suddenly I felt her breasts brush against my back. "Are you ready, drake?" She was whispering into my ear now, hot, heavy. I could smell her sweat. "I'm about to pop them. Your scaly balls are about to become mush. Any second now..."

    I could hardly comprehend what she was saying -- the words were muddy in my mind -- but I most certainly could comprehend yet another kick in the nuts, that sent me staggering forwards off-balance. Somehow, I managed to stumble to my feet and not fall over -- no small feat, given the unending world of pain centered on my poor testicles -- and staggered toward the cave wall, collapsing in front of it. I grabbed hold desperately of a protrusion on the wall, gripping it with all my strength. I knew I had to stay standing or I was done for -- once I hit the ground, I wasn't getting up any time soon. I clung to the cave wall, trying to hold my weight up with my upper body while my legs turned to jelly beneath me. And my balls...oh god, my /balls/, MY BALLS!--

    "Eight!" the orca yelled, another kick coming from behind. I felt my body shake with the impact; looking down, I could see her black toes poking out from my groin, my balls caught between the two, bulging outwards like some kind of obscene egg sandwich. Dimly I thought, how on earth did my balls get that big? before an incomprehensible wave of nausea swept over my body. I squealed like a pig as my body slid down the wall, but I managed to stay on my knees, clinging with my last energy to my handhold.

    The orca seemed absolutely amazed that my testicles hadn't exploded yet /and/ I hadn't hit the ground -- and to be honest, so was I. Still, I was fading fast. In the back of my mind, I realized how I was positioned: kneeling, legs spread, my hands up above my head. I could feel my two dragon eggs dangling, defenseless, between my legs, and I could feel the orca's gaze on the two swollen balls. She had a perfect shot.

    "One kick left, drake," she taunted. "Take one last look at those scaly balls of yours -- while you still can."

    The orca pulled her leg back, and with all of her strength, and her entire body behind the blow, slammed her foot up between my legs.

    I let out the highest, shrillest scream of my life as her bare foot sunk into my groin. The blow was uneven -- had she made a mistake? -- but no, the entire strength of the kick was focused my right nut, the weak one, the one that felt wrong. I felt it bounce in my sac with the initial impact, trying to escape; I felt her foot trap it in place and crush it flat like a pancake against my pelvis. I could feel my nutflesh squishing out between her toes, trying to find an escape from the ungodly pressure. I could see it in my mind: the scaly orbs with nowhere to go, flatter, flatter, until *pop!* I was no longer a male dragon. It was impossible. I couldn't be.

    But then, in the middle of my whirlwhind of nutpain, I felt the orca flex her toes, still embedded in my crotch -- and I felt my balls jostle against them, aching and brusied, but intact. They were grossly swollen and hardly recognizable, but they were definitely there, and definitely not popped.

    I was stunned -- well, more stunned by the mindnumbing amount of nutpain than by the fact that my nuts had miraculously survived -- and in my stunned state, I somehow caught the orca's eye.

    We both knew what had happened. She'd kicked me nine times. I was still kneeling. I had won.

    The female roared in anger and slammed another kick up between my legs; I immediately hit the ground, shaking uncontrollably, completely unable to process the pain in my balls. It was a miracle of draconic evolution that my gonads hadn't been obliterated already. The orca seemed to feel the same way, for she was shaking as well, with rage that I was somehow still intact. Even as I felt myself slipping into shock, I thanked whatever twist of fate had given us dragons such resilient mating organs.

    "Well," the orca spat angrily, fighting for control of her own voice but obviously losing. "Well. Then, I...I guess you did it. Nine kicks without falling down. I..." She swallowed. "I guess I'll go then."

    I only vaguely heard what she was saying; I was completely lost in my own world of pain, flat on my back, claws latched in a death-grip around my balls. I didn't hear her breathing growing heavier, or see her eyes flare up one more time in anger.

    "But first, for good measure," she snarled, ripping my claws from my crotch.

    My body jerked once more as she stomped down hard on my naked gonads, flattening them against the stone floor. I was beyond feeling at this point: I could only watch as the enraged female came down on my scaly balls again and again, squashing them repeatedly underfoot. I could see the two orbs -- if you could call them that anymore -- bouncing in my sack between stomps, trying to evade the killer whale's feet, but as she crushed them over and over, each time sending a fresh wave of pain through my overloaded body, I suddenly found myself much less sure that my nuts couldn't be popped. Here she was, I thought, mashing my balls into paste, just like she promised. Soon my sack would be nothing but mush. As I slipped away into unconsciousness, I found myself praying that a dragon's balls really /were/ as indestructible as I had heard...


    Well...quite a bit of busting, huh? That's it for the orca chick, at least for now. (I'm a big fan of cetaceans -- don't think I've ever seen any cetacean ballbusting in the fandom before, which is a shame.) Next chapter should explore some new territory -- lighten up on the brutality and maybe even include some actual sex stuff -- but still, there'll definitely plenty of focus on a certain drake's testicles and the busting thereof.

    Also, I'm curious to get some ideas from anyone reading this -- I'm looking for particularly creative and/or hot ideas on how to bust this dragon's balls. I've got some possible scenes queued up, but if you've got anything you'd like to see, I'm interested to hear it. If you had a helpless male dragon on your paws, what would /you/ do to his nuts?

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    just tearing the bitch's head off, but all I could hear was my brain screaming "WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR BALLS?" and my balls screaming back "OH GOD WHAT'S GOING ON".




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