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Thread: my story (shoolgirls and teacher torture)

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    my story (shoolgirls and teacher torture)

    Hello everybody
    This is my contribution to grow the number of bb stories because they are yet scarce.

    so enjoy
    (say me if some words are wrong or if the syntax is incomprehensible but I think it's allright)

    In 3 weeks will be the last day before holidays, and my sport teacher,Ms Kimigawa, managed to do something for this last day.
    She says that a football tournament takes place next to our town and all the boys vote to go there.
    I was the one who really dislike it, so she say to me and the girls that she will ask to her colleague to accompany them,
    and that she will organize a little tournament for us, and the reunion ended.
    Tommorow, after the sport lesson:
    "Boys, you can go out you made good work today, but you girls I have to speak to you"she said pretending to be angry.
    The five girls who were in my class came closer to the teacher:
    "But, we haven't done anything wro..."
    "I know, I know "she said smiling "I was just waiting the boys were out, so, girls, i have saw at least
    once each of you kick a guy in the balls in the playground"
    "What???" all the five blushed.
    "Don't be ashamed, myself i really love that too, and i want to tell you about an opportunity to do that".
    astonishment can be read on their faces "really" they said.
    Jim(that was my name)is the only boy for the tournament right, in fact I have thought of this for him to come this day,
    because i known that he hates football, so we will have fun all the day long by kicking his nuts"
    The girls began to smile as the teacher continues"I will tell him that the society i have called has made rewards for boys and girls
    separately so he will win automaticly the first price cause he is the only boy,
    and I will tell him that it's more than 200€ so we will be sure he will come, ok girls?
    "Ok" they said smiling evily while thinking of me and my balls.
    The next day Ms Kimigawa come to me and say me me about the tournament, the reward for me ect..
    and falling right in her trap I said "really it's incredible ma'am, I will certainly go there"
    "Be sure okay"she told me while she bent of me making her boobs a little bigger.
    "Y-Yes Ms"I respond, blushing. And then she go back.
    1 week before the great day she called the girls and said to them to look at videos on the web:
    "Torture balls in not only kicking them, for exemple you can sqeeze, tie, stomp, burn them and many more practices
    so learn a little about that.And i want too to tell you to bring everything who can hurt a ball okay.You can bring
    evrything except spikes,hairpin,thorn, ect...ok because seeing blood is really girls have a good week,
    I think these homeworks won't be so boring."She finishes her sentence and say to herself"poor Jim ha!ha:ha!".

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    This looks good. Set the trap!


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    Quote Originally Posted by yd26 View Post
    Hello everybody

    "She finishes her sentence and say to herself"poor Jim ha!ha:ha!".
    I wanna see more, the start is fun.

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    Smile chapter 1+2

    this is the following!
    Chapter 1

    And the great day arrived, I was happy because I have just to do a little sport without force much and I will earn 200 just before holidays what's better?
    So I join the girl and we go to the gymnasium.
    Ms Kimigawa say to to us to go take our sport clothes then we will do the training.
    When I was in underpants I saw all the girls come and one took my arms, another my legs, they took me away until a wall there was straps.
    I'coudn't speak because of the hand covering my mouth, I blushed when they take of my underpants and tied me with the straps.After that they begin to giggle as my cock which was growing.
    I't was the shame of my life, I couldn't escape,The only thing i can do, except moving my fingers , was to call the teacher, so i yell "help me Ms"
    Then I saw her going out the cloakroom, completely topless, she run to me and give a magisterial kick right in my balls.
    "You want me to help you for what, my boy"she giggles"and you girls dont be astonished to see me like that I'm your ballbusting teacher today,
    and begin by remove your bras like me, he is already loosing his erection and after his dick will be on the way and protect the balls"she said.
    She continuous for me "While speaking of that Jim drink that, that will stay your dick right, and this other beverage will prevent you to vanish.
    She takes the 2 drinks in my mouth and said "Now girls we can begin to have fun"she lauthed while caressing my cock.

    Chapter 2

    The 5 girls begin to laugh at me while slapping my cock & balls with thongs of their bras, that was more humiliating than painful but the ache of the kick was not really left.
    After a few minutes of teasing they ask the teacher if they can kick them and Ms kimigawa responds"sure, but i will play with you ok".
    And they gave me a kick one after the other. I screamed a little louder at each kick cause of they didn't let me anytime to breathe.
    After nearly 30 kicks one of the girl took my balls between her toes and began to pull down during several seconds.
    I had to impression to not feel my balls but that was not that who will stop them.
    Letting her turn to other girls she said"Hey Mary you can take the right, and you Lena the left".
    That was what they did, my two balls separatedly grabbed, they grasp them in every direction for one minute and let the two last girls do samely.
    But before, Kimigawa said"why don't you try to really separate them" and then they grasped them in opposites directions :left-right, up-down simultaneously.
    The pain was diffrent by aches given by kicks but as atrocious as it. After Ms Kimigawa took of a yarn to her pocket and tie my balls with it.
    When she finishes to tie them she said" well, girls, it's time to kick again".
    And, while raising herself she squezed my balls with her knee and turned back for givin' me a ""return kick""right in the nuts.
    The few mind i had left says to me that she has tie them in order for me to take the maximum of pain.
    And the girls began to turm....1 kick to my nuts and they turn....1 kick extremly aching to my nuts and they turn....
    After at least one hundred kicks Kimigawa said to me "It's nearly finished.......................just twenty more"
    For these last 20, they took all their ****** and when I heard the last words of the qoutdown "(5..4...just 3 more kicks...2...and the last) I said to me "It's finished.
    But Jenny, tara, and Nina said "Mary and lena gives 4 kicks and we only 3"
    "You're right, each of you 3 have to give him one more kicks"Kimigawa said while looking at me, and I saw in her eyes that she has planified this before:"you've known everything"she whispered to me with ateasing smile on her face...

    Chapter three will come soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quite the story, yd26! I don't want to wait for the rest, but I have to...keep posting!


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    chapter 3

    The chapter 3 is up enjoy and tell me what you think about the story
    Thanks to the ones who have already commented
    For the dialogue:
    kimigawa jim
    chapter 3

    "Ms, you have told us that we can tie the balls one by one for separate them better".
    "Yes Jenny, take this two yarns and go put this around each nut".
    After doin'it she began to pull them and asked Lena to take the yarn of the left's and the two girls grasp them as hard as the can.
    They grasped them down and Lena brutally put up her's splitting the pain in (and between Xd)my balls.But this was nothing than what they had done to me after.
    Jenny and Lena pulled them right backward, then, Tara and mary went behind them and help them to pull my gonads backward, this was already extremy hurt,
    but what makes me skrieked louder was what were doing Ms Kimigawa and Nina: they came close to my nuts and began to slap and squeeze them softly at the begining but harshly after.
    They were doing the competition of the one who is flattenig the most my balls when squeezing .
    Then, Nina took her breast in my in my mouth while saying "shut up".
    The teacher said anything in her ear and they began to laugh: and I saw their mouth coming close to my balls; then I saw their mouth opening and I saw i saw them closing with a ball between the 2 jaws.
    Before pressing I saw nina smirking"this time I'll win"and next, I yelled in agony for the pressure the two girls were inflicting to me.
    For growing the pain the 4 others pulled down the yarns while keeping them stretched and when i begin to forget the ache caused by yarns two girls streched one right and the two other streched left,
    causing more and more pain.
    After biting Nina and Miss kimigawa raised them up and gave hard kicks in my stretched-tied up nuts, that I nearly can't feel anymore.
    It has been passed more than 30min since they begin to slap them and now Kimigawa said that she will go out to search for eating.
    I say in myself "they will let me a little break" and then Tara asked"Can we continue to torture him?"
    Ms respond "Sure, however the pain will escape"and she looked at me"I think you should thanks me for preventing you to vanish with my drink, however you should have lost the opportinity to be tortured like that and to feel so much pain."
    Hmmmm"I blushed.
    "I'm not joking!"she said and a kick arrived in my balls.
    Th-Thank you."
    "thank you what?" and a second kick arrived in my balls.
    "Thank you Ms."a third kick arrived in my balls.
    "B-But wha.."Mistress" she said with a fourth kick.
    "Thank you mistress" and she enchained"I know that you like when we hurt you and that you want us to contimue, right?".
    "No, It's too hurt"and this time I undergo 20 kicks next she softly caress my balls and whisper in my hear:
    "You know, my sweet boy I can buy scissors in addition to the food if it's what you wants"
    "Y-Yes, I like it and I want more";
    "It's better" she says "but it miss anything"and she give 20 hard slaps to my balls.
    "M-Mistress,i want it Mistress";
    "Nice, so girls you can play with him during i go take some food"
    Then,they hanged yarns to some hangers on the wall and I supported 15 goods min of slaps, kicks, punches, biting, squeezes, twistes, stretching, squishing; blows from the elbow,shoulder,arm,knees,legs,boobs(yes really);
    and when the teacher come they were all in panties, crushing my balls with their asses:my erect begining to get down they decided to remove theirskirts and so Mary managed to use her ass on my balls.
    Next the girls ask to the place they will eat, and Kimigawa began to untie my nuts and remove the strap.
    before i can try to escape She give an extremely strong kick in my balls,"After that, i'm not sure you can move, even your fingers"she laught.And then she puts the straps on the floor and put my 4 members inside
    and tightened the straps.
    I was now on the ground and Kimigawa said"this is where we will eat"and she puts her ass on my head being careful to not cut my respiration because she will stay here for several minutes, and then, she puts her feets on my cock&balls.
    The other girls sat on my body and put their feets on my cock&balls to grow the pressure."Enjoy your meal girls"

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    Talking scissors

    Quote Originally Posted by yd26 View Post
    whisper in my hear:
    "You know, my sweet boy I can buy scissors in addition to the food if it's what you wants"
    It would be funny if the school girls use the scissors, on him. for a kinky ending.

    or one of them Rupture one, & be like ops I think it PoPped ms kimigawa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Youthmane View Post
    It would be funny if the school girls use the scissors, on him. for a kinky ending.

    or one of them Rupture one, & be like ops I think it PoPped ms kimigawa
    Well i'm not going to do any rupture or blood because I don't like it
    but don't be disapointed Jim has not finish to suffer .

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    Youthmane is my favorite

    Quote Originally Posted by Youthmane View Post
    It would be funny if the school girls use the scissors, on him. for a kinky ending.

    or one of them Rupture one, & be like ops I think it PoPped ms kimigawa

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    If this story was true I think his balls popped before the end .

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    chapter 4

    Chapter 4

    The girls ate tranquilly and when they finished, I heard ms kimigawa saying" now it's time to use objects you have bring, go take them, ok?
    Then the girls and Ms kimigawa gets off to me crushing a little more my face but removing their feets on my balls.
    next she came in with a bag from whick they pull a whip, a wood stick, stones, candles,6 pairs of shoes with high heels.
    "So girls, with what do you prefer begin" they respond they wanted to begin with the wood sticks to make them swollen and after they'll stomp them.And the torture restarted.
    They fixed 20 slaps with the woods for each girls and before beginning they gave me the drinks which made me erect in 10 seconds and the other in order to not vanish.And the torture really restarted.
    After every series of slap my balls grows a little in size and a lot in pain, but ms kimigawa was the one who give me all the twenty blows right in the balls because the girls were less precise and some blows hurted my dick,
    but it cause anyway a lot of pain, a few time after they took a stick in each hand and slap my nuts doubly hard.
    In the nearly five hundred blows I received, the fifty who comes to to my cock made them giggle, and so they managed to hit my cock too.
    so Mary and Tara goes on my cock and lena continue to my balls who were as big as apricots, therefore 1 stick per nut and four in my cock continues blowing me during a few minutes.
    After the two other girls replaces Mary and Tara and Ms Kimigawa,obviously, took the place to hit my balls, for givin' me more pain.
    So my prick goes as red as the balls with some marks, remains of hits which were harder than others.
    "Girls, don't you think it's time to stomp, I have brought a trample box"kimigawa said. I shivered when i heard that.
    Oh yes, they looks like little apples now"Lena said, she was moving her boobs on my groin, teasing me because she has understood that it makes me feel more ache than pleasure after what my nuts undergo.
    Ms Kimigawa came in with her box that she put on me an let pass only my Cock&balls.Next she showed the girls a little bag where she pulled out hairpins and nettles.
    "After the crushing session we will tie him to the wall and play with it okay, but now I begin to feel tired" she said with a smile, and go sat on my balls.
    "Maybe you're tired too, do you want my place?" And then the chicks scrolled to sat on my balls.At Nina's turn: "Aww,fuck; I'm really tired" and she let herself fall on my groin and stretchs herself pressing my balls with all her 50 Kg which 50% is her boobs' and ass' weight.I screamed in pain when her butt squish my berries with all her weight."sorry girls i'm really tired I have to stretch myself some more times"."Take all your time, rest you up nice".

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    I'm back!!!!!! chapter 5, 6, 7

    hello everybody, i wasn't at home during more than a week so I jus't wrote a little on my mobile but it's better that nothing.

    tell me what you like and dislike
    I'm not going to change the scenario because i have it in my head but you can say me what you would like to see in my next story

    1 chapters represent one kind of torture, that's why they are short.

    chapter 5

    When Nina decided to get up the other girls took places on my balls, they bounced a little on them making me scream louder, that cause the girls to laugh and tease me.
    My balls were already extremely aching and sensible and I known that the stomping was not finished and the day even less.
    After the turn ms Kimigawa get off a little device from her pocket and put in on my balls. I waited for the pain but nothing comes unless a "bip" and then Kimigawa said"421, they could survive to 421 kg; the swollennig made his effect"
    (A.N. In reality balls are not able to resist 421kg and I don't think if swoll them make them more resistant, so all of this is impossible in real life.....but we are not in real life!!!!)
    She continuous:"all our combined weight isn't more than 350 kg or even 400 so, girls, there isn't any restrictrions"And I heard 5 combined"Yeah!!!!!"with five evils smiles in my direction.Then the"well, enouth spoken" said by Jenny told my that the ""time without pain"" has ended.
    The first'feets who went over my berries were obviously Jenny's, she uses my balls to mass her feets, she ups and downs her feets on each of my nuts.The pain was atrocious but it was even worse when she decided to stop moving, pushing up on continually on them.
    After she lets Tara go on.She begins by walking on me: she puts one foot on my two nuts and stomp them with all her weight when the other foot moves forward; she did that 12 times ans at the 13st she decided to stay with her foot raised.
    She lost the balance after 10 seconds who were 10 hours for me.They were kidding me when I yelled and Mary wanted to try.
    For my despair she was a lot much stable and she left my groin after 5 series of 1 minute (and sometimes more) of full weight stomping: 2 times on the right, 1 on the two, and the two finals in the left ball for equilibrize the pain.
    Beginning to have ears ache because of my screams Lena managed to sat on my head saying that she'll pass after the others.In others circumstances I could have cum for have Lena topless and so close to me, but,in the actuals circoncances, it was more appropriate for me to scream
    Ms kimigawa and Nina both were stomping my balls. Nina stomps fully weighted on the left, Ms Kimigawa the right fully weighted too.Supporting each other, they didn't lost ballance and I undergo more than 110kg during 3mins in my berries, and 3 others minutes when they exchanged ball.

    Chapter 6

    After the barefoot stomp session, they decided to wear the high-heeled boots.
    Oh my god!!! they were so sexy, but it gave them too a more dominant impression and that was that who scared me,and even more when Ms Kimigawa arouded my gonads with her yarn and tightened up it, while takingg the opportunity to slap them hard.
    Tara was the first who goes on my nuts and crush'em fully weighted with the boots during 30 sec before putting her heels on my balls and pushing a little. The pain was supportable because the heels were between the balls, but it didn't took a long time for her to understand that the pain was higher when the heels went right to the nuts.
    "Yes, like that, just on the middle on each balls and now ...PUSH!!!!"she said to herself just before an extremely high scream resounded, and Lena readjusted her pussy on my mouth.
    "Oh my poor boy, I didn't use all my weight I can cause you much more pain you know?"
    "Hmmmmff"only goes out my mouth.
    "Oh, you say that you want more? How much more?"
    "All my weight ... But you know you are my slave so I don't have to do what you ask...
    but today I will do it, so enjoy this ,lucky slave"
    Then, 50kgs distributed on two heels precisely placed on the middle of each ball, crushing up them during an unending time.
    When Tara finally goes out, Mary replaces her; she simply crush with the fore of her boot during a few seconds, and when I expect for a full weight crush, she goes out my balls.I said to myself "Thanks god, she has already finished", but she said:
    Lena, why don't you come ?his nuts are enough big for two girls aren't they?
    Lena answered positively and come put her right foot on my left ball while Nina crushed the right orb.
    "I have thought too fast" I say in myself, but after my brain got disconnected for everything unless the pain.
    The girls decided to make the pressure growing every 10 seconds and in about 2 minutes they were crushing with a good part on their weight, but for me the pain was unbearable since the first second.
    In one more minute, they completly get up the other foot, they were mutually holding each other and stayed like that more than 3 minutes, then they placed their second foot on the balls and removed the heels from the ground to create more pressure. When they finally got off they noticed that they have swollen again.
    "That was really good girls" Kimigawa said,"Maybe you two Mary and Jenny can do samely with your heels.
    So I yelled (In Kimigawa's fanny because she has replaced Lena) nearly 10 minutes more but I thought that they will pop when the two heels goes on my nuts, Ms Kimigawa adviced them for the place who cause the most pain. But this was nothing compared to what I was going to endure, I didn't knew that this will be the worst moment of my life.
    "Now it's my turn..."Kimigawa smiled.

    Chapter 7

    "Ok girls, are you right?"Kimigawa asked and then she told Mary to place her heels on the 12 of the left ball then Jenny to the other side of the edge of the left's
    "you have to feel the ground under your heels, the ball need to be in the middle without any place to move...Perfect, so Lena and Tara you can do samely with the right's.Nina, if you get bored go stomp his cock, a ballbuster never miss an occasion to create a little more pain.
    "A little more" I thought when she gets fully weighted on my dick; but she was right, it was really "a little" compared to what she'll do...
    So she begin to place her right heel on my right nut, I Screamed even if it was just the beginning of the pain, her other heel goes on the other ball and then she begin to press very slowly,it took her five minutes to go half weighted and at this moment she completly removed her foot from the ground
    The girls were laughing and the teacher said "It's so fun, look how I dig his balls"
    She quickly lost balance but she continue doing it nearly twenty times before gettin' off.
    I don't know how did my balls to resist,this was so atrocious and horrible.
    They let me 30 seconds before saying"Well girls it's free time, do what you want, there isn't any restrictions"
    So the six girls continue destroying my nuts, they jumped on them during some minutes and then they said to it was time for my cock to suffer too.
    With it's 15 cm, they can easilly go on all the six, so twelve feets crushed my dick and finished by jumping on it before letting the heels go on.
    they try to stomp near my dick hole but there was enough space for only 4 girls.
    After the cock crushing session they continue to ""play"' a little and the stomping session finished.
    "Now girls, it's time for you to see something new".

    chapter 8 (and more) soon

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    chapter 8

    Chapter 8

    "Girls, It's time to burn some balls!!!"she said happily and continuous"But it is quite dangerous so I'll do it myself".
    I saw an other kind of smile on her mouse when she stared at me "I doesn't want you to burn yourself girls, it could have hurt you, you think like me boy, don't you"
    "Yes, mistress"i responded quickly, hoping that she'll be a little more gentle...but I don't really believe...
    Nice so I need a girl to close his mouth and then ..let's go!!!
    My biggest fear get out when she @incline@ the candle and I thought "she won't burn me with the flame, just with some wax....but it's just the begining and it's already horrible"
    The first piece of wax come on my left ball,
    the second too and 30 wax drops fell on my balls. The girls were fascinated and constantly lauthing.
    Whe wax didn't stop to flow in my groin.She alterned 20 drops on each ball, on the dick and pubic hair and start again do this four time.
    "Look girls, his cock&balls are partially covered and he is nearly shaved, I'll finish shaving his crotch and then wou'll see how muck his dick hole is reactive".
    When the last pubic hair has been removed she raised my dick with her hand and put the candle under it.Then she made some quick movements to put the flame near my dick hole and after, she lets the flame less than 1mm under my dick hole during omre 20s.
    "Jenny, sat on my mouth said"Oh yes, continue yelling like that, you're mouth in movement feels so good under my pussy."
    If it was true, she was going to pass a really good moment....
    My POV
    The pain caused by the drops was already so hard, but the rare drops fallen on top of my dick were more atrocious and it was nothing compared to the flame itself; the seconds (who were more like hours for me )when the flame stayed under my dick hole were worse than hell.
    It is only 4PM, two more hours of torture ...if they don't think to anything to stay longer,and if I can can go out ...does it will be with my balls alive....
    End POV

    I screamed one time more when my cock feels again the ground of the trample box, there was a hot wax puddle let by the candle when she put the candle under my cock.
    After she said"well girls, I'll cover his crotch with wax and when it will be recovered on top, I'll pass the candle near his groin to heat the wax"
    "Yes" Tara said "it will splitt the ache:wax + flame, isn't it"
    "yes but not only; when the wax will become hotter, he'll already become liquid again so it will flow on the sides and under his cock and balls".
    In less than 3 minutes my crothe was all covered and she began to liquefy the wax with the flame.
    In two minutes more there was a mold around my groin, she removed it and give a soft slap on my right nut.
    Look, they are all red now and so sensitive, do you wanna try, only very very soft slaps okay.
    Every slap was like a strong kick given with a lot of speed for my balls.
    "Girls we will play with some nettles now but before we need to use some ice on him, it's not in my habitude to decrease pain but continue hurting his balls' skin could be dangerous but you have two reasons to rejoice:
    First, i'll not remove completly the pain, just what is necessary; and two, It's not very plaesant:I bought the coldest ice foundable and I think he'll need to drink ..his dick will become as big as my toe haha!!!"

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    *saves this thread for future reading*

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    chapter 9

    Chapter 9

    "Come here girls, you need to take some gloves while I hang him on the wall, we'll need him standed soon and this is the only moment when it's necessary for him to recover, so I'll do it now"
    She remove the straps who holded me on the floor and sat on my body to avoid me to escape, but anyway I wasn't able to move.
    When she removed the ice pack, I tried to touch my balls with my hands but she blocked my arms with her feets and made me drink for growing my dick which ice made him measure 4cm.
    "I saw written on the drink""NEW!!!!for all mistresses...this product can be used as an alimentary need to feed your slave anymore"" "that was why I wasn't hungry and thirst"
    She noticed that I saw it and teased me" if I had to feed you we'll have lost some minutes of ballbusting, you wouldn't this to happen, hum?
    "No, mistress"I said but she catch me by the balls and drove me to the wall:"It was the good answer but anyway i need to bring you here"she giggle.
    She strapped me and came back to the girls.
    "I'll use this kind of foam all over his crotch, If we sting him elsewhere his groin, He could forget the pain in his genitals.
    Then, they camed all the six with nettle in their hands, Lena begin the torture quickly, she makes the nettle brush against my balls, I wanted to move back but i can't and she was followed by five others leafs who stang my nuts.
    Quickly Tara tryed to slap it to my prick and I screamed louder so they slapped my cock&balls during a few seconds, before Kimigawa said:
    "Stop!!I know it's fun but You'll hurt yourself continuing like that, we will pass two by two okay."
    Jenny and Tara came first, they stretched my balls separately with hands and put their branchs around each one after I minute of hell, they removed It and slapped me.
    No one part of my groin escaped to their assault, it stang me very hard cause of the ache already present before, the ice remove the pain given by the fire, but I would need two hours more for my balls to feel good.
    Lena and Mary goes on and slap them to before putting the two branchs on top of my cock, the most sensitive area.i undergo this treatment during 3 minutes and Nina and Kimigawa relayed them.
    Ms kimigawa roll a leaf and insert in my dick hole then she took one leaf in each put them two over my left ball and squeezed very hard, Nina do samely to the right bollock and, in addition, bite the skin under them.
    Like if it was not enough painful like that, Lena allowed herself to stir the leaf on my dick hole.
    My brain was going to disconnect and when they finished, It took me some seconds to know where I was.
    "Shit' I thought the stings will prevent him to vanish, I'll have to make him drink."
    Her beverage makes me feel much better, but it was for the worst....
    "Rub your gloves between them, They'll become a little electric and be able to attract nettles on them.You've seen the tips on leafs in the bag, go take them on your gloves, it'll be very fun."
    Ms Kimigawa begin to masturbate me, but I can't feel any tip of her glove It was completly covered by nettles.Mary challenged her to make me cum, and she responded"Sure I can, and I'm sure you can made him come too....If two girls want help me put your gloves on his balls but don't squeeze or he'll not cum.
    I came in about 4 minutes and the girls laught and squeezed my gonads.
    "Now girls it's your turn, I'll time you for making him come the fastest And i think two girls can go on each ball.
    Finally I regretted kimigawa because they were not experienced.
    "Mary...6,35min...jenny...5,58...nina...7.04...tar a....5.11, very nice and mary...6.01, well, it's time to hoover now."

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