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Thread: (Story) Karate Kicking His face and Kicking His Balls Up Into His Throat

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    (Story) Karate Kicking His face and Kicking His Balls Up Into His Throat

    Just part of a story I wrote years ago for another site, and then another guy wrote part 2

    There is no one else in the alley, and with her wicked grin and her eyes fixed on his balls the teenage Judy decides that she is going to kick and knee his fucking balls right into his throat.
    She pins him against the wall and pulls down his trousers exposing his naked, vulnerable, meaty balls she looks him straight in the eye, bites her bottom lip and says
    " i know you love my sexy teen legs, well let's see how you like them now! " she pulls her tanned, shapely leg right back and then with full force slams it right between his legs, her knee connecting with both his naked balls, squashing them against her knee with a loud satisfying SPLAT! and before he has any time to register what has just happened she repeats this two more times...WHAM! WHAM! and then leaves her hard knee right deep in his balls...still looking him in the eye and enjoying the shocked and agonized pained expression on his face.
    " How did that feel you fucker?" she asked with a smirk on her face, at the same time rolling her knee around his battered nutsack to extend his discomfort.
    Still with one hand pushed against his mouth to stop him from falling, getting away or screaming, Judy cocks one leg behind her, reaches back with her hand and slips first one shoe, then the other off her hot, sweaty, bare feet and you can hear the swish sound as they are released from her feet.
    Her feet are beautiful. Size 6, high arches, rounded heels, slender toes painted red, with a toe ring on her third toe and a silver ankle chain completing the look. He starts to stiffen as she points and arches her feet seductively, and then she whispers into his ear, " I am now going to kick you so fucking hard right in the balls with my feet, my bare feet to be precise". She then pushes her self away from him, her hand leaving his mouth, arches her leg right back, points her foot and with the grace of a ballerina and using her skill as a trained dancer and cheerleader brings her leg forward with tremendous speed and power until the top part of her foot just back from the toes connects full force right into both his swollen balls...SLAAAP!! he is lifted off the floor from the force and the noise of barefoot hitting bare balls at that force is almost deafening.
    She can feel his balls press against her bare toes as she continues the kick, not really stopping at his balls, as though she was trying to kick them into his throat...and as he screams with the most pain he has ever felt, Judy quickly spins round so that her back is facing him, and without hesitation fires the most beautiful looking back kick deep into his battered nuts, catching them both full on with the soft sole of her gorgeous but deadly bare foot and another, this time using her hard heel...SPLAT! SPLAT! She is laughing now as his eyes start to roll back in his head from the immense pain, and as he starts to slide down the wall she again turns to face him, and standing on one leg, she brings her other leg up to her chest, bends it at the knee, pulls her toes back and then shoots her leg forward in a front snap karate kick, and kicks him right under the chin with the ball of her foot and without lowering her leg repeats the move, this time kicking him flush in the mouth with the ball of her bare foot, her red painted, slender,sweaty toes catching him on the nose. She leaves her foot in his face for a few seconds so he can taste the sweat on his lips and inhale the scent deep into his now broken nose.
    He is fucked up bad now, but the sadistic teen is wet with pleasure of her dominance over him and with a loud HIIIIYA she again front kicks him so hard in the balls that she may have ruptured them...SPLLAAAATTT!
    The attack is now brutal...and she decides to kick him in the face some more...bringing her foot up to his face, she first kicks him on one side of his cheek with the top part of her foot, and without putting her foot down, brings her foot back kicking him on the other cheek with her sole and just repeats this process several times, one side then the other..WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!
    " I think it is time for your balls to feel my feet again you motherfucker" are you ready for this! She then....

    Part 2
    By now he was completely finished, but she wasn't finished with him! With her surprising strength she grabs him under his arms and pulls him up standing again and as she smiles confidently she drives her knee up squarely into his shattered balls several more times, enjoying the sound of his pitiful squeals of agony and then came the time for her favorite move. Carefully she raised her right leg up and planted her foot flush on his swollen genitals and then she sat down and rolled onto her back, pulling him over her and as she held him up with her foot on his crotch she raised her other leg up and pushed that bare foot up into his face and she lay there holding her helpless victim up over her with her feet pushing up against his face and crotch! All the poor defeated male could do was stand there bent over her, slobbering messily all over the sole of her foot pushing up into his face as she rubbed her other foot roughly on his crotch, mushing up his swollen genitals under her sole! She loved having a man in this position, completely under the control of her feet! She loved the feeling of his open wet mouth flush on the bottom of her foot pushing up into his face and she loved having his mushy, worthless balls being mashed under her sole as she rubbed that foot on his crotch! The only sound you could hear was the man's muffled groans, his mouth plastered to the sole of her foot in his face as her other foot rubbed his abused privates into swollen mush under her foot! To make things interesting she would suddenly dig her toes into his swollen genitals and wiggle them around, the tips of her toes scapping up and down his scrotum and penis and the pathetic male would moan and groan as he felt her foot violating his privates. She kept her toes working deep inside of him until she could tell he was actually getting aroused and then she would cruelly snap her foot up against his enlarged genitals with a loud splat - splat - splat to cool him off, and all the helpless male could do was slobber all over the sole of her foot in his face as he felt himself being abused and molested between the legs by her other foot! She could have lain there on her back for hours, happily playing with her helpless victim but she decided he need some more humiliation! With a push of her feet she flipped the limp body of the male over her head and onto his back on the pavement behind her and standing over him she decided what to do him next...

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    So basic and yet, has everything it needs to. Fantastic.

    7/10, would fap again.

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