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Thread: Links - Pics - and Sites

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    Isnít it great that Meninpain are doing so much BB now? As Iíve said before, these guys will $$$PAY$$$ you to do this stuff. To date the BB Iíve seen has only been moderate. Why donít some of you West Coast guys that can really take a beating get down there and make some cash? Iíll pay to watch that one!

    'Trouble' its only about 100 bucks to fly there from Portland - what are you waiting for?

    Julie you'd get even more cash! Paid $$$$$ for CB Oh Yeah!

    Oh and yes I'm tempted

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    ballbusting memoirs

    Hi. There is a great resource called the ballbusting memoirs. If you do a google search for it it turns up on like the fifth page. It is part of a host page that has some stuff on ballbusting, the site is not a bb site but has to do with sex and the owner found out about busting and was very intrigued. Anyway, unfortunately for a very long time I have been unable to navigate the page. There are buttons for changing pages to see the hundreds of posts, but they do not work for me. I am wondering if it is just me or if others have this problem too?

    Actually here is the link:

    Also on the scrambled eggs homepage there was a similar link. it is the replies of women who have busted men and how badly and for many the story behind. Some have ruptured one or both testicles. Many in self defense many by accident, many just b/c the guy was being a jerk. The survey is finished but the results are still up. Or were. Unfortunately I cant find scrambled eggs anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtomin32
    Just stumbled upon this page - has some fun BB pix...
    Awesome homemade stuff at this site, my favs:

    About to do a number on his balls

    Surveying her domain

    Here, let me push those back in
    Pull 1

    Pull 2
    Pull 3
    Humbled and toe manipulated

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    New samples at California Mean Girls

    Because two new videos went up this morning in the members area at California Mean Girls, we have added lots of free pictures and two free video clips to sample. In addition we recently started a Cali Mean Girls page that lets you look at free pictures and biography of your favorite Cali Mean Girl and see what videos she has available. We currently have all the girls' pictures up on the main page and detailed pages completed for 3 different girls. All that plus pages and pages of free pics and sample clips from the videos themselves. All of that is for free so if you haven't dropped by in a while maybe you should stroll on over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fchotball
    Do you have the "lock, twist, divide and conquer" instruction cartoon for women on how to disable a ******? If so could you post it?
    I described it to an acquaintance of mine, and she actually left a wet spot on the passenger seat of my car!

    Are looking for this pic?
    I think it may give good ideas to some women...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails self-defence expert Susan Smith.jpg  

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    Some more free pics

    Dear all,

    I've added a few more more free BB pics to the public area of my site. Please follow the link here if you would like to collect them:


    David B.

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    Here's a few links to pics

    Cum or be beaten:

    Lady Sonia series: (Iíve already posted some of this series here)

    More Lady Sonia:

    Cock and pussy abuse:

    On the cross:

    Two on one:

    Spikey boots:

    Heís at her mercy:

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    Quote Originally Posted by David_B
    Hello Skweezme,

    She's one of the main models on my site. She's actually very nice, a surprisingly kind person, although when she's lifting her knee, or aiming her foot she's very happy to cause a lot of pain, which is also fine by me.
    Hello David.

    Nice pages you post by the way. Sorry, but I'm a bit skint & have too poor a connection to sign up to anybody's site at the mo, so I just drift round a few places now and again enjoying the freebies. I`m hoping soon to be able to get Broadband as Inquisitiv suggested (not that easy out in the sticks) so who knows, maybe I'll be down loading full vids by crimbo. By the way do you show bare ball busts on your site?

    I agree with Skweezme. She looks like a beautiful girl & you say she's very nice. It's a shame she's gone down the boob job route as it makes it hard to see the person beneath but thats me. I'm weird!

    Well I've been meaning to post these links for a while, so hope people enjoy.

    Is a collection of ballbust from TV movies, other sites & things. I think there's even some stuff grabbed as free clips from members sites who frequent here as well. just don't send your lawyers after me OK! I just went there for the Rachel Welch clip... thought she was gonna bust a dinosaur!

    There's a couple of pages at the link above of Ball torture - pegs, weights on parachute, hot wax etc...

    If your like me and you like the idea of a beautiful young woman sucking your balls, then there's 10 free clips to be had there.

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