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Thread: Ballbusting Aunt's Triathlon Part 2

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    Ballbusting Aunt's Triathlon Part 2

    Ballbusting Aunt’s Triathalon Part 2

    Olga was the polar opposite of my Aunt Sandra. Olga stood a bit taller than six feet (I’m 5-foot-9). She was built like a model – small breasted, long and lean with incredibly long legs and huge feet and hands. She wore size 12 black stilleto heels that she had removed from her huge ugly feet and placed beside the bed.

    “What’s this bit… woman doing here?” I demanded as I placed one hand over my exposed package and pointed an index finger at Olga.

    (A good thing I caught myself before I said bitch or they both would have skinned me alive. Aunt Sandra demanded that I show respect to all women regardless of how I felt about them. That’s why she beat and stripped the neighbor lady outside my presence. She was not about to let me be one up on any woman.)

    My face turned bright red and tears welled in my eyes. I was beginning to realize that the woman I hated the most in the whole world was about to participate in a ballbusting and humiliation session, and I did not know if I could stand that.

    “Please Aunt Sandra, you know how I feel about Ol … er … Mistress Olga. I’ll do anything you want me to do just please ask her to leave. I can’t stand her seeing me naked!”

    “First of all, dear, I need her to help me with your test today,” Aunt Sandra said. “Second, what a better way for a young man to learn humility than by being humbled by the woman he most despises. It will teach you to be more humble and thus make you a better sub – and a better, more respectful young man.

    “Now I want you to remove your hand from in front of your privates, stand up real tall and walk over to Mistress Olga and give her a great big kiss – on the sole of her right foot!”

    Obediently, I put both hands at my sides, exposing my four-inch-long flacid cock and walnut-sized balls to my enemy. I held my head high as tears ran down my cheeks.

    I walked slowly over to Olga. I gently lifted her right leg, closed my eyes and pressed my lips to her right foot and kissed it for a good 30 seconds. I would have continued, except that Olga lashed out with her left foot and struck me with the ball of her foot on my nutsack – a direct, stingling blow that doubled me over.

    “You should have bowed first like a true gentleman,” Olga said, breaking her silence. She had gotten in her first of what would be many nasty blows to my crotch that day. I knew I was in for a beast of a session.

    Then Olga got up from the bed and sauntered with an exagerated sexy walk to the exercise bike that I had assembled. She reached into her oversized handbag and mounted on the metal seat stem a nine-inch latex penis.

    “Now the bike you were so concerned about is finished,” she said, shrugging her slender shoulders and shaking her high piled blond hairdo that made her appear to be six-foot-six.

    A shiver ran down my spine and deep into my colon. I was a virgin in the asshole and had planned to remain that way. I burst into tears at the thought of being ****** to ride that contraption with a rubber cock up my ass.

    “But we are getting way ahead of ourselves,” Aunt Sandra interrupted. “Last weekend, Olga and I were watching on Wide World of Sports something called a triathlon. Olga started giving me shit about how Eastern European men were so much better at endurance sports than American men.

    “So we devised our own triathlon and tested Olga’s (19-year-old) nephew this past Tuesday and he made it all the way to within the final minute of the final event before he … er …. surrendered.”

    Olga added: “We agreed that for you to win the triathlon, you will have to complete the three half-hour tests in their entirety.”

    “May I ask what’s at stake?” I said showing more bravado than brains.

    Aunt Sandra lashed out with her left foot and caught me square on my nuts.

    “That’s really none of your business, but I’ll tell you anyway,” Sandra said as Olga laughed at my predicament. “If you fail, Olga gets free rent in my building for a year. If you make the full 1 ½ hours and successfully complete all three events, Olga will be my personal assistant for a year – my naked personal assistant.”

    I thought to myself – but did not dare say it aloud – that I would strive to win whatever contest these two wonderfully deviant ladies had concocted just to fix Olga’s ass real good by making her in effect Sandra’s naked slave.

    Aunt Sandra said that while Olga undoubtedly would do what she could do to see that I failed, Sandra would referee the events fair and down the middle. She could well afford to give her friend Olga free rent for a year and Sandra said I would have to earn victories at various stages.

    Each event would involve a fair amount of ballbusting or CBT. Each event would resemble a stage of a real triathlon – swimming, bike racing and marathon running. If I lost any one round I would still have to compete to the end of all three events if, for nothing else, the pleasure of Olga and Sandra.

    Aunt Sandra said, win or lose, I was to give my best if I didn’t want to really be punished for slacking off.

    The first event was the “swimming” phase. That would take place in the bathtub and would include controlled breathing as well as cock and ball trampling.

    The second event was the “bike,” in which I would ride either by standing up or sitting down with my asshole impaled on that rubber dick. Either way, the ladies would take turns squeezing my nutsack.

    The third phase was “the run” – an event that involved an endurance spanking, a cock squeeze, ball kicking and breathing control – a challenge Olga’s nephew could not complete because he shot his wad with under a minute to go in the half hour challenge thanks to Aunt Sandra’s masterful hands.

    Aunt Sandra filled the tub with lukewarm water and told me to lay down in it on my stomach with my arms at my sides. Sandra’s job for this test was to make sure the water stayed at a certain level just below my nose and refill the tub as needed.

    Olga, who did that job for her nephew’s test, took over Sandra’s previous job for my test. As I lay on my stomach and arched my back to keep my nose above the water line, I felt Olga grab my cock and balls and pull them out from underneath me so they were laying flat on the tub bottom between my thighs.

    Then Olga stood up and placed her huge right foot on my cock and balls and pressed down. Her left foot was outside the tub on the floor.

    My eyes bugged out as I felt Olga crush my nuts and flattened cock against the bottom of the tub but I did not dare open my mouth or I would have swallowed a lot of bath water and choked, ending the contest before it even began.

    Then Olga bent over and placed a mirror in front of me, ******* me to see myself struggling to remain above water and see her towering over me, her foot disappearing between my buttocks.

    The pain was at times unbearable. The only relief I got was when Olga “cheated” and let up on my balls so that she could sneak her big toe into my asshole in hopes of causing me to gag and lose.

    I could not warn Sandra that Olga was cheating because I could not get my mouth above the water line, but I think from watching me squeeze my asscheeks tightly together to prevent Olga from penetrating too deep into my anus Sandra got the idea something was wrong and warned Olga to play fair.

    With five minutes to go in the test, my nuts went numb so I knew that I would not quit because of groin pain. But my lower back was killing me. I started to take in large amounts of air through my nose and held my breath under water for several seconds to relieve the pain in my spine. This was allowed under the rules.

    In the last two minutes, Olga let up on my balls and started just to pump my dick with her rapidly moving foot. If I came at any point during the tests that too would constitute defeat and Sandra would lose the rent/slave bet.

    Olga was masterful with her foot. She had great rhythm and technique. She obviously had had a good deal of experience masturbating men with her peasant feet. I of course was young and not as well in control of my sex organs as I am now. I would have cum if Olga only had 30 more seconds.

    “Time’s up!” Aunt Sandra said as she clicked a stopwatch. Olga angrily stomped on my dick and balls and stormed out of the bathroom. Fortunately for me the water in the tub diminished the power of a stomp that otherwise would have ruined me.

    Sandra again warned Olga to play fair, cautioning her that if she played unfair and eventually lost the bet a year was a long time to be naked 24 hours around an angry mistress exacting her revenge on a rival who had abused one of her slaves.

    I was just glad that the first test was over and I did not fail or drown. I dried myself off and joined the ladies in the bedroom for the dreaded bike ride.

    For the test of Olga’s nephew, the women had decided beforehand that there was no way any young man could ride the stationary bike barefooted for even a few minutes because of the metal bar in the pedals.

    They allowed him to wear a pair of shower shoes to provide a little protection for the balls of his feet but not too much comfort. He was able to ride the bike for a half hour without having his anus pireced by the fake dick though he was in tears from the effort, Aunt Sandra told me.

    While Olga’s nephew had his own shower shoes for the test, I was not so fortunate. I did not bring any with me from school. The ladies each had brought a pair of sandals with them in their luggage. I was confronted with the choice of wearing either my aunt’s size 6½ flip flops or a pair of Olga’s size 12 thong shoes.

    I so hated Olga I first tried on Sandra’s sandals, but even with the open nature of the shoe, they were just too small for my size 9 ½ wide-width foot. I was ****** to go with Olga’s shower shoes.

    I reluctantly put on Olga’s flip flops. Which were of a AA width. The sides of my EE width feet hung out over the sides but the imporant part – the ball – was somewhat protected, as were my heels as my feet were a good half-inch shorter than the Bozo-sized shoes. I was ready for the worst, and that’s what I was to get.

    To be continued …

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    Heh if you'd just posted this under the other one you may have seen the FONT gibberish and not made the same mistake 2x.

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    google searching led me to this story which led me to this wonderful site. thank you.

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    Here’s the link to part 1:

    I look forward to your next instalment.

    Alec Anaconda

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