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Thread: Real Life Electroshock Torture on Prisoner's Balls

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    Real Life Electroshock Torture on Prisoner's Balls

    I apologize if this is already a thread, but couldn't find it...would appreciate someone posting it if so.

    I have always wondered what it would be like to suffer through the classic POW torture of being tied naked to a chair with electrodes hooked up to my balls and shocked. I'd never do it.

    But was wondering if that's ever been done for real on any of these sites? I think it would be awesome if one of these dommes had the real mccoy - the real thing used - then tie a guy (or better yet several guys) naked to chairs. Then invite ladies to attach the electrodes to these naked guy's balls and shock away letting the women experiment and play with to see how much these guys could take with them having fun and laughing the whole time then sharing the video for others to enjoy as well!

    PLEASE post if anything like this has been done.

    I only have two very quick videos of a pretty domme shocking a naked guy's balls with a cattle prod. Which I'm attaching. The files are so small (less than 1 MB) in size:

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    Electroshock should be outlawed as way of torture. Too brutal.
    Just my opinion

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    Well maybe but it does work. What man would not talk to save his balls and prick from frying !!!!!!!

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